Free Download AnonyTun VPN For PC (Windows 7,8,10 & Mac)

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While browsing on the internet, if you find some sites blocked or not accessible, I think no one can cool their temper. So, a VPN app is a great solution for online users. The VPN app not only gives you access on all account but also hide your IP address and physical address from snoopers, hackers or fraud people. Try the Anonytun VPN for PC, to avoid such kind of circumstances.

Why Choose the AnonyTun VPN For Pc app?

If you expect lots of benefits in a VPN app choose or install the Anonytun VPN for windows. A lot of VPN app is available on the internet. But, by selecting this app, you will get the SSL, HTTP, & TCP tunnel connection. Also, no extra registration or root required to use this app. You can bypass any type of restriction, also it is completely free and provides you unlimited bandwidth while browsing. The app is properly designed and user-friendly for the users. People are more comfortable while using this app on their windows system.

AnonyTun VPN For PC

Features of AnonyTun VPN

This app has so many significant features that you can use the AnonyTun VPN on your PC. Let’s see how the features will help you on your PC.

  1. The app is perfectly designed for users. Also, this app is user-friendly.
  2. The fastest, secure and free app with no registration and root.
  3. The AnonyTun app has no limitation on the Bandwidth app.
  4. This app can bypass any restricted sites easily.
  5. The app use SSL, HTTP & TCP Tunnel to encrypt data easily.

Steps to Follow for How to installing the AnonyTun VPN app on PC

You can use the VPN app easily on an android device by downloading from the app store. But, when you want to install the AnonyTun VPN on your PC, you can’t download the VPN app directly. You have to use an emulator to install the VPN app. There are two popular emulators we will discuss to install the VPN app.

AnonyTun VPN For Windows

The Bluestacks for Installing the AnonyTun VPN

To download AnonyTun VPN for PC the Bluestacks will help you. The procedures are given below-

  1. Download the Bluestacks and install it on your windows.
  2. Sometimes it will take time to install because of PC configuration.
  3. Launch the emulator, and find out the VPN app on the search bar.
  4. Install the VPN app on your windows and launch it with a double click.
  5. Select the connect button and on your device, the app will be activated.

The Nox Player for Installing AnonyTun VPN

Like Bluestacks, the Nox Player also a popular emulator to help to install the VPN app. For installing the VPN app follow the instruction.

  1. Install the Nox player on your PC and launch it with the ID.
  2. Search for the VPN app and install it on your windows.
  3. After installing the VPN app, click twice to open it.
  4. You will find a screen with a connect button.
  5. Enable the button and enjoy the free VPN services.

By using the Nox player, you can also install the AnonyTun VPN for Mac. For this, you will be needed an iOS version.

Final Verdict

The AnonyTun VPN for PC always promotes the latest version for their customer services. They include lots of features on the app to make this popular and user-friendly. One of the topmost VPN apps among the other is AnonyTun. Because of its extraordinary features you can easily download and install it on your device and get the highest service from it.

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