Best FREE Streaming Sites For Movies & TV Shows

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Most people like to watch films and tv series online now rather than downloading. But getting free and secured streaming sites is a bit harder. As you see on the internet, the sites to watch movies, series, or tv shows are not secured. Besides, you’ll confront irritating ads, slow connection, malware, and more issues.

However, we have visited several sites and found out some of the Best FREE Streaming Sites that are completely safe and secure. You can enjoy thousands of content without facing unwanted ads and buffering issues. So, let’s look at the below to get the lists of the streaming sites.

Best FREE Streaming Sites for Movies & TV Shows in 2021

As we said earlier, all streaming sites are not secured to stream. You must visit those sites where your privacy will remain safe, and none can store your data and logs. These types of streaming sites have been illustrated below.

Best FREE Streaming Sites

1. Hoopla: Best overall

Hoopla is contemplated as one of the appropriate streaming sites to watch films and series. Above  11 thousand movies have been indexed on this streaming platform. The menu-driven interface of this site is convenient and easy to operate. As a consequence, anyone can browse and watch their well-liked content. Site speed is much better than the other streaming sites.



  • Easy to operate
  • Thousands of content.
  • Short by genre, top-rated, and countries
  • Doesn’t show ads.
  • Application available for iOS, Android

  • Sign-up is required

2. Kanopy: Best Movie Selection

Kanopy is another prominent and free movie streaming site where you can watch movies using a Library card or your Student Card. This streaming platform is completely ad-free, and the native applications of the site are available for several devices. To watch enormous content with HD format, this site is perfect. You’ll find a unique and best movie collection here.


  • Different Movies collections
  • High-Resolution Content.
  • Ads and Malware free.
  • Won’t confront buffering issues.
  • Sign-Up and Log-In is required
  • Need to add student card or library card

3. Fmovies

Fmovies was a streaming site that holds movie links and embedded content that allowed users to download or stream content. This site was developed in 2016 but has recently been blocked in several countries like India, Australia, UK. America has acclaimed the site as one of the top-tier piracy sites. You can still visit the site and won’t find any content.


4. Tubi: Largest library

It is contemplated as one of the best streaming sites that can be streamed anywhere you want. Tubi holds over 20 thousand plus content, and most of the content is high resolution. It provides a prominent way to explore new content entirely free. The good thing about the streaming site is, it is legal because some movie studios provide content to this streaming site.


  • No need to sign-up
  • Easy user interface
  • Thousands of HD content
  • Application available for all devices
  • No buffering issues
  • No subscription needed
  • Show fewer ads

5. Pluto TV: Hundreds of live TV channels

Pluto TV is an American streaming platform that provides a huge range of free content and holds 250 plus live tv channels. Unfortunately, you can visit this site from anywhere because it is geo-restricted. To enjoy movies and tv series from sites outside America, you must use a VPN. However, the native application is available for almost all platforms like Apple Tt, Android, Roku, Chromecast, and more.

Pluto TV

  • Watch content for free
  • No need to sign-in
  • Doesn’t show ads for premium member
  • Easy to operate
  • Not available everywhere
  • Takes time to load sometimes

6. MoviesJoy

To find the latest movies and series collections, navigate to the MoviesJoy streaming sites. It confers the content with HD format for completely free.  If you are tired of searching your well-liked content but couldn’t find it, search on the site. Hopefully, you will get your desired content here. It possesses a huge collection of movies and series and doesn’t show unwanted or irrelevant ads.

  • Play movies with a single click
  • Provides detailed information about the movies
  • Generate automatic subtitles
  • Provides different servers
  • Buffering issues noticed sometimes

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7. Vudu: Solid Kids Selection

Vudu, an American video store and streaming service operated by  Fandango Media. It is namely popular for its kid’s selection. You can watch unlimited movies, Tv series, Anime without a subscription fee. Both premium and free services are available on the sites, so you can choose whatever you want. A vast collection of movies are gettable on this free streaming platform.

  • Great Selection of Movies
  • Family and Kids collections
  • Distributes latest released films
  • Confer HD+ content
  • Not available outside the USA
  • Quite expensive for premium
  • Sign-Up is required

8. Crackle: Some Hard-To-Find Gems

If you are a USA resident and find the best free sites to watch boundless movies and Tv shows, Crackle is for you. You will find exclusive content with HD format for free on this streaming platform. Unfortunately, this streaming site is restricted, and outside the USA, you can’t browse without a VPN. To get the latest and popular movies and series, it is one of the prominent streaming sites.


  • Convenient to operate
  • Holds user-friendly interface
  • It’s completely free
  • It doesn’t require sign-in
  • Not available outside America
  • Shows ads

IMDb TV: Slim Pickings

IMDb TV is an ad-supported streaming platform that is only available in America. American customers can watch content from this streaming platform with ads. If you navigate to the site of the IMDb, you’ll find all information about a movie. This site is owned by Amazon, which was launched in 2019 as IMDb Freedive.


  • Most comprehensive websites
  • Enormous movies collections
  • It is legal to use
  • Can easily operate
  • Not available outside America
  • Shows irrelevant ads

9. YouTube: Last Resort

YouTube is one of the leading online video sharing platforms where you’ll find all kinds of content. This popular video-sharing site is completely free and provides the opportunity to watch millions of content. The site’s user interface is convenient, and people of all ages can use it without difficulties. You can watch enormous movies, tv-series, and anime on this video-sharing platform.


  • Entirely free to use
  • Can both upload and watch
  • Earn money by uploading videos
  • Background play
  • No buffering issues
  • Won’t find all types of movies
  • Shows ads while playing videos

10. Yify TV

To watch boundless movies, Tv series, television shows of high quality, we recommend Yify TV, an online streaming platform.  Thousands of content in different genres have been included on this streaming platform that can be watched without paying subscription fees. It always updates its movie lists so that users can enjoy the latest content.

Yify TV

  • Open sources websites
  • Provides high-quality content for free
  • The subtitle of a certain content available
  • Doesn’t require sign-in
  • Sometimes open Pop-up window
  • Buffering issues available.

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Final Verdict

We have illustrated the 11 Best FREE Streaming Sites that you can use to watch free movies, series, and television shows. Few sites from the above listed are not available everywhere. In that case, you must use VPN to connect to a server where this site is available. However, if you have any Interrogations, please let us know by dropping your comments below.

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