10 Best Free VPN for PC Working Of 2021 Free Download

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VPN which means Virtual Private Network is nowadays popular among the online users. Why do people use the VPN while browsing? Because this VPN ensures the security and privacy of online users. Also, the data is protected from getting hacked.

If you search for the VPN app for your PC, then you can continue reading this article. Because not all the VPN app can provide you the same services. The Best Free VPN for PC, the list is given below to choose wisely by considering the features pros and cons. 

 The VPN and It’s Importance in Regular Life

VPN is a virtual network that helps to secure the connection of another network through the internet. You can easily access all restricted sites and browse anonymously while working on the internet. These days a VPN app is getting popular due to its lots of benefits. By using a VPN app on your android device not only you can access the restricted sites but also use the video streaming sites, games and other sites easily. 

Best Free VPN for PC

Generally, these sites are not applicable to access with your regular internet connection. You can also use the VPN app on your PC or iOS system by using the emulator software like Bluestacks, Nox Player, Meme, etc. here are some important benefits to show you why an online user needs the VPN app most.

  • A VPN app provides you access to all geo-restricted sites including the audio and video streaming sites.
  • This app protects your personal data and information from getting hacked.
  • A VPN app offers you unlimited bandwidth with free data.
  • You can hide your identity as well as the IP address from the snoopers.
  • Give your IP address mask protection with a military-grade system and bounce the location to confuse the hackers.

The main purpose of a VPN is to provide protection from the fraud people and ensuring the security and privacy of your works. The app did it perfectly. Now, we will discuss the 10 best Free VPN for your PC. So that you can easily choose the best VPN app to protect your data and information.

List of Best Free VPN for PC Of 2021 Free Download

If you search for the VPN app in the google play store you will find numerous VPN apps. Based on the customer reviews, downloads, benefits and best services here are the top 10 best free VPN apps for your PC.  Top 10 Best Free VPN for PC are-

  1. Express VPN   
  2. Nord VPN 
  3. Windscribe VPN
  4. Hotspot Shield VPN     
  5. TunnelBear VPN           
  6. Hide.me VPN
  7. Opera VPN        
  8. Turbo VPN     
  9. Cyber Ghost VPN   
  10. Proton VPN.

In this article, we will discuss these 10 VPN apps and their pros and cons. Let’s start with the details.

Express VPN For PC

ExpressVPN For Mac

This is one of the most reliable and secure VPN apps among others. A very trustworthy and provides great anonymity to the users. Though this app is not entirely free of service, it offers you to use the app at least one month as a trial. If you choose their packages, like a one-year package they offer three months free use. Also, you can claim to back your money after using one month of this VPN app. This VPN app provides unlimited bandwidth and free data at a great speed. A lot of servers give you permission to access all accounts including the video streaming and gaming sites. Some pros & cons are given below-

  • Great speed while browsing the sites.
  • Access to all blocked accounts. 
  • Nearly 3000 servers and 100 countries are applicable to this app.
  • A strong data encryption facility.
  • This app allows the BitTorrent and the P2P connection.
  • A lit bit of expensive app
  • Limited device to use this VPN app. Up to 5 devices

Nord VPN For PC

Nord VPN for mac

This VPN app holds the first position for its great performance. This app actually provides great security and safety services to online users. It has the kill switch that helps to end the connection if anything happened. Also, you can get the top-level security by using this VPN app. They upgrade their system from time to time to provide the best service for the users. This app uses the AES technology with 256 it to secure the user’s all kinds of information while working. The best part of using this app is it doesn’t record any types of browsing history, record or anything to track down by the hackers.

  • The great security system with no adds
  • No registration or logging in the policy.
  • This app provides great speed with a stable connection.
  • Military-grade security encrypted the data easily.
  • The DNS leaks protect the Ip address and keep it invisible.
  • Sometimes the app slows the servers.
  • The data limit is low.

Windscribe VPN For PC

Windscribe VPN for Mac

The app which will unblock all the sites and hide your identity strongly is the Windscribe VPN app. The high security helps to secure your information through the DNS system. Your browsing history can not easily be traced. The Windscribe VPN app hides the browsing history. You can block the ads while working from your screen. This app offers 10 GB data for the users every month with unlimited bandwidth. Though the free version of Windscribe VPN has some limitations one thing for sure you will securely surf the browser.

  • Per month 10 GB data completely free.
  • Accept video streaming sites.
  • Not only encrypt the data but also the browsing history.
  • The Windscribe VPN provides a very strong privacy policy. 
  • Support the Ad-blocker while working.
  • Limited access on the server
  • The connection speed is slower than the others.

Hotspot Shield VPN For PC

Hotspot Shield VPN for Mac

This VPN app is basically designed for USA based countries. But nowadays this VPN app accepts the server from all over the world. They have several policies to serve the customer. The premium customer is able to get the money back after using the service for 45 days. If they don’t like it, they can claim the money. The speed quality of this VPN app is strong enough to continue the servers. The Hotspot Shield VPN gives permission to surf the video streaming sites without any problem easily. Such as Netflix, Vudu, PopcornFlix, etc.

  • Support the torrent system fully.
  • Multiple devices can connect at a time.
  • Accepts and provides malware protection. It also works on the Ad-blocker.
  • Increase the support system capabilities
  • Unlimited use of data and bandwidth in the browsing area.

  • Privacy policy compromises sometimes.
  • This app has no compatibility or TOR.

TunnelBear VPN For PC

TunnelBear VPN For Windows

This VPN app is made by a software company named McAfee. This software company is famous for its great security service. So, this VPN app ensures the 100% security and safety of the customer data. Either you use it on your android device or the Windows system this will protect the data from the hackers. This app is user friendly and clean for the users. This is one of the reliable VPN apps that serves almost twenty countries including 1000 servers. This app doesn’t slow the speed and stables the connection in a more strong way.

  • The app is user-friendly.
  • Support all the devices for use.
  • It provides the greatest security and safety to the users.
  • The speed connection is faster than any other VPN app.
  • Support the Opera browser extension including other windows systems.

  • Data use is limited
  • This VPN app doesn’t support the streaming sites

Hide.me VPN For PC

To attract and hold the customer this VPN app works a lot. They provide the 2GB free data to the users every month and all the other facilities. Other facilities include the kill switch, strict policy of no-login, and anonymity. The AES encryption policy on this VPN app protects the data. You can protect your real IP address by wearing a mask on the IP address with this VPN app.

  • The Privacy system of this App is good.
  • They provide the free proxy server.
  • This app has a technical support team 24/7 to solve your problem.
  • No ads are listed while working.
  • Transfer Speed is good enough to use.

  • A limited number of servers support this app.
  • Data limitation is strict

Opera VPN For PC

Opera VPN For Mac

The Opera VPN app gives you permission to access all your favorite sites of yours. This app provides a free proxy server and is available for all the users. The app is strict on the hiding policy. Protect all the servers and hide the identity. You can easily work online without being tracked by hackers. No logging and registration policy required to connect with the device. No need to store any credit card information before using the app. The high-end security system ensures the security of the data that saves on your device.

  • Support all types of internet connection including 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G or wi-fi
  • Give your protection while using the public network.
  • Encrypted the data to protect important information.
  • Unlock the geo-restricted sites.
  • The performance of this on windows or iOS systems is good.
  • Support the least country to surf or browse.
  • Face the problem while logging in.

Turbo VPN For PC

Turbo VPN for PC

This VPN changes the location of your server and bounces the location in many countries. So, no one can easily track you down. Or the government or anyone can not be able to survey the work. A shadow net of this VPN app helps to protect your data from hackers. You can hide the real identity by using this VPN app. The app has a strong peer to peer connection. Also, the Turbo VPN app ensures the safety and security of your server.

  • This app has some strong secure servers to use easily.
  • This app works as a firewall breaker to unblock the restricted sites.
  • This app is good for blocked gaming sites.
  • The military-grade safety system ensures that you get the best protection on your data.
  • Protect the sensitive information by giving your server a protection mask
  • No customer support services.
  • Support the limited device.

Cyber Ghost VPN For PC

CyberGhost VPN For Mac

If you choose to use this VPN on your device, it increases the speed of your connection at a high rate. Any organization can set up this VPN app on their windows system to protect the confidential data. The CyberGhost VPN app applies a powerful mechanism for the best security on the server. The automatic kill switch app ensures the double security of your data.

  • No logging policy required to connect.
  • Easy to install and the app is user friendly. 
  • An automatic kill switch speeds up the connection.
  • This VPN app has the AES and DNS leak protection for the server.
  • Multiple connections are applicable to this app.
  • The monthly subscription is very expensive.
  • Lack of user interface improvement.

Proton VPN For PC

Proton VPN For PC

The Proton VPN app is the easiest and a free VPN app that provides better service for their users. This app ensures that you can use a secure connection even in the public network. This app has fewer servers but the service is good. Also, the app makes sure you can work anonymously. This app bounces the location of your real IP address from one country to another. This way the hackers or snoopers get confused and not be able to track easily.

  • The performance of this app is excellent.
  • Unlimited bandwidth with unlimited data
  • A user-friendly app to use.
  • The connection of this ap is leak-free.
  • Accept the P2P and torrenting.

    FAQ Free VPN For PC

    What is a VPN?

    A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that helps you to access all the restricted accounts including the streaming and gaming sites. Also with a VPN app, you can protect your sensitive data and information from hackers.

    Is VPN illegal? 

    No, a VPN or Any VPN app is not illegal to run. But, if you use the VPN to browse or doing the illegal things those activities are illegal. 

    How a VPN works?

    When you use the data, it naturally transmitted into VPN networks and that’s how the VPN works on your device. 

    Do I need to install the VPN on my Phone?

    If you want to protect your personal data on your phone and want to browse the restricted sites then yes, you need a VPN app on your phone. 

    Can Police track the VPN?

    If the police want to track your ISP and if they give to keep the VPN app company under their jurisdiction then the police can be able to track. Otherwise, it is not so easy to track your ISP while using the VPN app.

    Final Word

    Those who work online most of the time, they need a secure and strong private connection. With your regular network, you may be able to get a great speed, but this regular internet connection doesn’t make sure that your Ip address and identity are safe.

    By using a VPN app on your PC, it ensures that you can get the best security both on the IP address and to your device. The app hides your identity so you can work easily. This article has given you the best 10 free VPN app for PC. You can choose anyone from this list for better service.

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