5 Best Free VPN App For Torrenting in 2021 Free Download

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Torrenting is basically a file-sharing network that usually works on peer to peer network technology. This technology connects with many servers instead of one single server. But sometimes you will find it difficult to download the torrent file with your regular connection. That time a VPN app will save you from this dilemma. In this article, we will suggest you some best free VPN for Torrenting. You will see which VPN works the most on a torrent server.

What is Torrenting?

To download something like movies or Tv shows, games, etc. from your internet server, a torrent file helps a lot. Recently torrent is gaining popularity among the users for its top services by giving an available link. Instead of downloading a big file from the server torrent download helps to break the file into a little piece and then download it on your device.


But, most of the sites that a torrent share doesn’t provide security and safety for the device. Your device may affect through a virus or anyone can easily hack the server. So, to prevent hacking or tracking your device it is important to use the VPN app. And there is a list of VPN that will give you free service for torrenting. You can choose the paid or free VPN if you want.

Best Free VPN App for Torrenting In 2021

Many VPN apps are available on the google play store. But, if you are confused to choose the best free VPN for your device, then let me help you with that decision. I am gathering the top best VPN app for torrenting that will give not only a safe and secure connection but also ensure that you find out a great speed.

Some VPN that helps a lot on torrents are-

Nord, Windscribe, Proton, Hide.me, Hotspot Shield, Express, Speedify, Betternet, Cyber Ghost VPN, etc. You can easily and safely use this VPN app on your device for torrenting. The installation process of a VPN app is also easy.

Some best VPN app for torrenting that we will discuss in this article, are-

Tunnel Bear, Hide.me, Nord, Hotspot Shield, and Private VPN. Let’s see how this VPN app works for torrenting on your device. 

Tunnel Bear

Among all the other VPN app Tunnel Bear provides the best service for torrenting. If you are a beginner, then this a great choice for you. You will get a strong connection with P2Pon the servers. This VPN accept some countries to provide torrent service like USA, UK, Canada, Romania, etc. 

With this app, you will be able to get the 500mb for your device per month. But, if you tweet the Tunnel Bear company, they will deliver you 1GB free data extra. A great security system with military-grade protection is popular in this VPN.

  • It can easily give you access to torrent servers in more than 22 countries.
  • Top-notch security system with Military-grade protection.
  • No log in policy required while using the Tunnel Bear VPN.
  • Accept the uTorrent, BitTorrent, Vuze, etc. for downloading an app or any file.
  • You can use the torrent sites anonymously by using this VPN.

Hide.me VPN

This VPN app has some advantages and disadvantages as well for torrenting servers. The limitation is, it provides 2GB data per month completely free. Though it is free, for online work regularly 2GB is very low to download an app through the torrent. 

The best part is no ads and throttling service is activated in this VPN app. Unlimited bandwidth you can get with this VPN app. No other restrictions and great speed are available if you choose this VPN for torrenting. This VPN protects the IP address and hide your real identity from any hackers.

  • Get friendly servers through peer to peer by using this VPN app.
  • Great speed with unlimited bandwidth connection.
  • You will get 2GB data completely free per month
  • Give you access to all blocked sites if you want.

Hotspot Shield VPN

This VPN is one of the oldest VPN apps that you will find in the market. The network connection and the server linking are great of this VPN. Torrenting service is good and gives you top-notch security with a fast internet connection. This VPN apps help you to unblock all the restricted sites. So, your torrenting journey will be good, because you can easily access all sites that are blocked. 

Also, the security system of this VPN is good. You don’t have to worry about surfing on any sites while using the torrent. The VPN app will make a protection mask for your IP address. This mask will help you out to hide your all data and information including the identity and IP address of yours.

  • Faster connection on internet browsing with lots of servers.
  • Get Unlimited free data service with bandwidth. 
  • A great helpful support system for the users.
  • This VPN app doesn’t keep any browsing history, so no one can easily track you.

Private VPN

The last VPN we will talk about in this article is the Private VPN. This VPN also offers to give you services completely free for torrenting. To sign up for this VPN app you don’t have to pay anything via credit or debit card. While log in this VPN app only asks for the personal details. Almost 150 servers in 60 countries available in this VPN. 

For torrenting, you can also install this VPN app on your device. The world-class security system 256-bit AES encryption is used in this VPN app. So, if you go on any sites for a torrent link, you don’t have to worry about that. This app will secure your connection.

  • Lots of packages available for multiple users.
  • Provides unlimited data and bandwidth services.
  • This VPN is user-friendly and torrent-friendly.
  • The security system is high and has no log in the policy.

FAQ Best For Torrenting

Which VPN app is best for Torrenting?

There are lots of VPN app you will find that is best for torrenting. Among them NordVPN, Windscribe, Express VPN, Cyber Ghost, etc. are the best for torrenting.

Is it legal to use the VPN for torrenting?

Torrent sites are not illegal for any country. So yes, using a VPN app for torrenting is not also illegal.

Is there any free VPN app for torrenting?

TunnelBear and Windscribe offer the free VPN service for the torrent sites.

Is a VPN enough to run the Torrent?

If you choose the best VPN app that can secure your connection and provide you good speed, then yes, a V PN app is enough for running the torrent.

Can I be tracked while using a VPN?

A VPN app masks your IP address so that no one can easily track your server or real IP address. Also, keep your identity private from hackers. So, if the VPN app doesn’t leak the address or Ip then it is impossible to track you down. To prevent leaking, you can choose the Best VPN app for torrenting.

Last Word

The torrent is getting popular day by day among the users. It is easy to download any file through the torrent sites.  But it is not safe if you don’t take proper protection for your sites and Ip address.

In this situation, A VPN app can solve the problems. A VPN app works to protect your data and hide your location. Also, make sure you get the safe passage to browse any sites. Choose the best free VPN for torrenting and enjoy watching your favorite movies, shows, etc.

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