Best Free VPNs For New York City – Safest & Fast

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New York is the largest city in America. If you live in this city, you have certainly seen IP address blocks on several foreign domains. With the best free VPNs for New York City, you can access all those IP blocks that directly impact the Internet of the US state. VPN helps to access all foreign streaming servers, free movies, and other websites.

From protecting your privacy from criminals VPN is a good option. VPNs operate by encrypting and forwarding the internet traffic to one of their own servers. Another big factor in using a VPN is that you can hide your private information.

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Comparison Table For Quick Choice:

Here we listed a detailed comparison of the best Best Free VPNs for New York City.  This section will give you lots of extensive details on each VPN.

Main Features ExpressVPN CyberGhost NordVPN Surfshark PrivateVPN IPVanishVPN
Jurisdiction British Virgin Island Romania Panama British Virgin Island Fourteen eyes Five eyes
Servers 3,000+ 6500 5425 3200+ 150+


Countries 94 90 59 65 62 75+
Torrent Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Discouraged
Netflix Accessibility Supported Supported Supported Supported Supported Supported
Encryption AES-256 AES-256 AES-256 AES-256 AES-256 AES-256


Kill Switch Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer Support Email, Support Ticket, Live Chat Email, Support Ticket, Live Chat Email, Support Ticket, Live Chat Email, Support Ticket, Live Chat Email Email, Support Ticket, Live Chat
Payment System Paypal, Credit Card, Bitcoin Paypal, Credit Card, Bitcoin Paypal, Credit Card, Bitcoin Paypal, Credit Card, Bitcoin Paypal, Credit Card, Bitcoin Paypal, Credit Card
Free Trial None 1 day None None 7 Days 7 days (iOS only)

6 Best Free VPNs For New York City

You should know about the six best VPNs for your connection in New York City and thus prevent potential hacks or geo-blocks for foreign websites:

best free VPNs for New York City

1. ExpressVPN – Strict no-logs policy #1 VPN In 2021

ExpressVPN has huge popularity for its amazing features. With more than 3,000 servers in at least 94 countries, you can enjoy high-speed internet access. You will unblock various streaming platforms with this VPN, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and Disney. It also gives you access to the country-specific catalog of series and movies in multiple locations.

ExpressVPN review

What do we like?
  • Advanced encryption for all apps and servers
  • Works in China and UAE
  • Zero policy logs
  • 24/7 support with live chat
What we didn’t like?
  • Cost-effective than others

Use our coupon code and get ExpressVPN 3 months extra with the annual plan with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. CyberGhost – Best Budget-Friendly VPN

CyberGhost is a popular VPN provider offering a variety of features. It offers 6,500 servers around the world and 1,000+ servers in US cities like New York. This VPN is available on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Amazon Fire Stick, and Chrome Extension. It uses WireGuard protocols as the latest technology protocol. If you have any concerns, you should contact support providers 24/7.

CyberGhost review

What do we like?
  • Strong privacy policy
  • P2P technology support
  • Rarely break tunneling and multi-hop features
  • Fast connections
  • Easy to unblock streaming sites, including US Netflix
What we didn’t like?
  • No apps for router

To experience this CyberGhost VPN service, use our coupon code and get up to 83 % off with a 45-day money-back guarantee. 

3. NordVPN – #1 Best VPN For Privacy 2021

If you want unlimited bandwidth, then NordVPN is the best option. With this VPN, you can connect to over 5,500 servers in 85 countries around the globe. This private network completely hides your IP address and provides a new one.  With the new IP, you easily can stream geo-restricted service and can access the websites that are not available.

NordVPN review

What do we like?
  • Use the latest WireGuard VPN technology
  • Easy user interface
  • Support multihop, split-tunneling, and Tor connections
  • Strong customer privacy
What we didn’t like?
  • Occasionally cramped interface

NordVPN is available at a reasonable price. Buy a 2 years plan and save up to 68% with a 100% money-back policy.

4. Surfshark – Best VPN For Speed

Surfshark is a fast and secure VPN that has strong encryption and is a user-friendly interface. This VPN offers more than 3200 servers in over 65 countries. Its IP hide functionality helps to access blocked websites and stream different services. Using this service, you can upload 115.65 Mbps in the United States. Surfshark also doesn’t keep any browsing history or specific user data.

Surf Shark review

What do we like?
  • Offers several unique features
  • High-speed servers
  • Compatibility unlimited number of device
  • Support ad-blocking
What we didn’t like?
  • Relatively expensive

Use our voucher code and save up to 85% on 2 years plans for Surfshark VPN with a 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

5. PrivateVPN – Never store log or share your IP address #1 For Privacy

PrivateVPN is one of the most recognized services in the VPN field. It offers several outstanding features with unlimited bandwidth. This VPN has 150 servers in 60 countries Which quite essential for your live broadcasts. It’s cheap, completely safe, and unblocked over 30 Netflix libraries with 4K resolution. This VPN zero policy log will keep your data safe and private.

privatevpn review

What do we like?
  • Quite good speed network
  • Working in China
  • Live chat and email ticket support
  • Support torrenting
  • AES 256-bit encryption
What we didn’t like?
  • Small network servers
  • Kill Switch feature is Windows only

You can purchase PrivateVPN for up to 65% save with a 100% money-back guarantee with our coupon.

6. IPVanish VPN

IPVanish is a smooth, configurable VPN service with some unique advantages. With this VPN, you can access more than 1,600 servers to 75+ locations. Its kill switch feature helps to protect your data when unexpectedly crashing your VPN. A huge range of clients includes Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and even Amazon Fire TV comfortable with this. It also offers a host of router setup manuals, Linux, Chromebooks, and other platforms.

IPVanish Review

What do we like?
  • Compatible with Disney and Netflix
  • Comes with 250GB of cloud storage
  • Support multiple connections protocols
  • Zero traffic log
  • Advance VPN encryption
What we didn’t like?
  • Doesn’t support Prime Video or iPlayer

To get an excellent discount, purchase IPVanishVPN with a 30days risk-free guarantee using our coupon code.

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Why Do I need a VPN in New York City?

With the Best Free VPNs for New York City, you can protect your browsing activity and remove geo-blocks. A VPN helps to hide your IP address instead of providing a new one. That is why you can easily access different websites which are blocked in your regions. With a VPN, you can stop people, programs, and web browsers from accessing your connection.

VPN in New York City

In addition, the traffic coming from your computer can be encrypted using a VPN. With encryption, others can’t see the sites you’re visiting. But you need to pick a good VPN for a good network connection. As the U.S. is a member of the Five Eyes Security Partnership, monitoring of U.S. civilians and people is strengthened. Having a VPN while in the United States ensures data is encrypted and safe from snoopers.

How to Get a New York IP Address with a VPN?

The process of getting an IP address with a VPN is easy and straightforward. Simply follow the below steps to change your IP.

Step 1: You have to select a quality VPN service for New York City

Step 2: Launch the VPN and connect with any international servers that seem best to you

Step 3: Once connected to an international server, your current IP will be hidden automatically, and you are given a completely new one.

How Do I Change My VPN Settings to New York?

To update the configuration of your private network, you must take some very simple steps:

Step 1: You need to start the VPN that you installed on your computer

Step 2: Then you have to access its setting functions

Step 3: Once you open the setting, choose the option that you want to change like the restriction of malware, ads, automatic IP change, etc.

How to Use a Free VPN in New York City?

The use of a free VPN in New York City is the same thing as in other countries. Let’s show how you use Free VPN.

Step 1: Sign up with one of the best VPNs for New York City. In particular, we recommended the above-mentioned VPN.

Step 2: Download and install the VPN software or browser extension for your computer.

Step 3: After installation, open the app or extension and connect to a free server in the country which you want to browse.

Step 4: You will enjoy the internet once you are connected without censorship.

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Final Thoughts

In New York City you may face many websites requiring a US IP address to access their content. Some content may only be accessible in the New York area and may require an IP address. So you have to know the Best Free VPNs for New York City to access these.

VPN is the only way to provide a safe and unrestricted internet connection. With this, you’re going to search for what you want without concern about being watched. Protect your privacy from criminals and unblock geo-restrictions websites using a VPN. With it you can easily switch cities to access the content.

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