9 Best (That REALLY Awesome) Putlocker Alternatives in 2021

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If people are asked where they can watch tv shows and movies, most of them will reply Putlocker site. It had been used as a leading online streaming site for many years. Suddenly, the UK authorities shut down this site, and from then, several fake Putlocker has emerged. Even if you search on Google, you will find many sites like Putlocker. Me, Putlocker.FM, and so on.

As we sailed earlier, Putlocker has been shut down; that means it doesn’t exist anymore on the internet. Now a question may arise, how to stream movies and tv shows online for free. Here we’ll confer some of the best putlocker alternatives that can be used to watch free movies online. Besides, we’ll demonstrate why you need a VPN  for online streaming.

Best Putlocker Alternatives To Stream Movies And TV Shows

Below, we have accumulated some of the best putlocker alternatives that you can use to stream movies, tv-series, dramas, and many more.

Best Putlocker Alternatives To Stream Movies And TV Shows

1. 123 Movies – The Largest Library

123 Movies Is contemplated as a great alternative to Putlocker. The user interface of the streaming site is amenable and convenient to use for everyone. There are vast ranges of movies and tv series available there. Besides, you’ll find Asian dramas and cartoons that are magnificent for children and Asian users. From action to war, all genres of movies are available there.

123 Movies Features:

  • The download is not required to watch movies from the site.
  • it doesn’t require you to sign up or register.
  • It is consistent with all devices and has browser extensions.
  • You needn’t purchase a subscription plan because it’s entirely free.

How to use:

Using 123Movies is not a challenging task. Anyone can use it without confronting any hassle.

  1. Navigate to its official site first.
  2. You will see the search option above and write your favorite movies and tv series name there.
  3. After showing the search result, tap on your desired movie and start watching.

2. SolarMovie – The Overall Best For Movies

It is another free streaming site where you can watch your favorite movies, tv shows, dramas, and many more. The website outline of SolarMovie is uncluttered, which is why using it is not hardened. You can filter content by trending, most viewed, and user rated, making it easier to find the best movies and shows.

SolarMovie – The Overall Best For Movies

SolarMovie Features:

  • It holds a user-friendly and clean interface.
  • Registration is not required to watch movies.
  • Most of the movies are in HD format.
  • Contains a vast range of movies and tv series collections.

How to use:

As we said, the site’s user interface is convenient, so you can use it with ease.

  1. Navigate to the Solar movies’s official site.
  2. Select a genre from the above that you intend to watch.
  3. Search the movie’s name on the search bar and start watching.

3. Primewire – One Of The Oldest Platforms

Primeware is the oldest movie streaming platform where you can both download and watch movies. Though it takes time to load movies, you will get a vast collection of films and tv shows there. You can also filter content by type, quality, subtitle, and release year. Third-parties upload all the content of the streaming site.

Primewire – One Of The Oldest Platforms

Primewire Features:

  • You will get the latest movies and tv shows on this platform.
  • Premium membership is available to get advanced facilities.
  • You needn’t open an account to watch shows.

How to Use:

To watch movies from this streaming platform, you don’t need to have a good command of internet browsing. Just visit its official sites and then choose a genre that you intend to watch. You can find the movies’ name on the search bar to watch your desired movies.

4. GoMovies – Very User Friendly

GoMovies is more convenient and user-friendly to use. Its double design of the homepage makes it unique from the other streaming sites. The platform’s user-friendly interface makes it exceptional from the other streaming platforms. Besides, it confers high-resolution movies, Tv series, and anime.

GoMovies Features:

  • It doesn’t require sign in or sign up.
  • A variety of content is available.
  • You can watch content without buffering issues.

How to use:

If you first navigate to its official site, you will notice a big search bar where you can search movies. Below, you will see an option “ Go To The Homepage” press on it, and it will take you to the main homepage. You can filter content by country, top watched, top IMDb, and last added, from the homepage.

5. Watch Series Online – Great For TV Shows

If you are tired of searching for your favorite Tv series but can’t find it, then search on Watch Series Online. This online platform is contemplated as the best streaming site to watch an enormous collection of series. It distributes a vast range of content from several countries, and most of the content is in HD format.

watchtvseries on

Watch Series Features:

  • You can watch several tv Networks shows on this site.
  • Needn’t create an account to watch tv-series or movies.
  • Always updates the latest series and episodes.

How to use:

Watch movies from this streaming site hassle-free. Follow the instructions below to stream the series.

  1. Visit its official site first.
  2. Search and select your desired series.
  3. Now choose a season that you wish to watch.
  4. You see an option on the screen “ Click here to play” press on it.

7. LOS Movies – Best For International Content

LOS Movie is another incredible streaming platform that holds a huge collection of movies and tv series. We have to confess that it comparatively distributes more international content than the other online streaming platforms.  It possesses a huge amount of content that is international with subtitles and original language.

LOS Movies Features:

  • You can stream and download content as well.
  • It has a convenient interface that is easy to navigate.
  • Plays movies and tv series just in a click.
  • You can register to its site to get the latest update by email.

How to Use:

Using the streaming platform to watch movies is very easy. Following the process, you can stream movies and series with ease.

  1. Go to the LOS movies official site.
  2. Search your favorite tv shows on the search bar left side.
  3. Press on the movie after showing search results.

8. F Movies – An Excellent Search Functionality

It is another best alternative streaming platform to Putlocker that offers watching movies for free. It holds excellent search functions that make it easy to search movies and tv series. Thousands of content are available on this platform from Hollywood, Bollywood, Kurian, Thailand, etc.

F Movies Features:

  • You can send movie requests to add on this platform.
  • Filter content option is available that helps you find your desired content easily.
  • It doesn’t require a register or sign-up to watch content.

How to Use:

Following the same process, you can watch content from the F Movies streaming platform, as we mentioned. To watch content from the site, navigate to its official site and then search for the movie you wish to watch. Once you have found your desired content, press on it to watch.

9. Yes Movies – Stream Great Documentaries

YES Movies is another platform that you can use as an alternative to Putlocker. Indeed, it doesn’t hold a vast collection of movies, but the content that is available on the site is unique. Its user-friendly interface makes it acceptable among movie lovers.  Most of this platform’s content is in HD format, and you can stream without facing buffering issues.

Yes Movies – Stream Great Documentaries

Yes Movies Features:

  • It doesn’t show any unwanted ads during the streaming time.
  • Just in a click, you can watch your favorite shows.
  • You can save money because you needn’t buy a subscription plan.

How to Use:

Follow the below steps to watch content from this streaming platform.

  1. Type YES Movies website on Google to visit.
  2. You will notice a search bar on the homepage and find your favorite movies’ name on the search bar.
  3. You can also click on the “Movie” option from the above to go to the direct movie data-base.

10. AZMovies – Offers A Lot Of Mirrors

If you would like to watch movies and tv series with minimal buffering, go to the AZMovies site. Thousands of films and series from the site can be downloaded hassle-free. The interface of the streaming platform will attract you because it is convenient to use. You will find several top-rated tv series also out there.

AZMovies Features:

  • Register or login is not required on this streaming platform.
  • It holds a user-friendly interface and search function.
  • A vast range of movies and series collection.

How to use:

Watching movies and tv series from the AZMovies streaming site is not a challenging task at all. Following the below three steps, you can stream this site.

  1. Visit the official site of AZ by pressing on the below link.
  2. Select a captcha image to get access to the main homepage.
  3. Now search your desired movies and watch.

Why Use a VPN for Online Streaming

Using a VPN is mandatory if you often visit free streaming sites. If your connection is not properly protected, there is a possibility of being tracked or hacked. VPN shields your information from intruders and gives you the best privacy. When you use a VPN, it conceals your original IP and lets you surf the internet unknowingly and securely.

VPN for Online Streaming

When we visit several streaming sites, our device sends information to the video hosting servers. As a result, anyone can spy on your data. If you use a VPN, you can’t face this issue, and even your ISP can’t notice what you are doing online. None can track, collect, or share your data if you connect to a VPN

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What Is The Best Vpn For Watch Putlocker Movies

Several VPNs are available on the internet that you can use to watch Putlocker movies. But you have to choose a VPN that can confer the best security to stream online anonymously. Never use a free VPN cause there is a chance to leak your internet privacy.

Best Vpn For Watch Putlocker Movies

We have tested a group of VPN to watch which one does better and found several VPNs. Below, we’ll provide a complete review of those VPNs and explain why they are different from the other VPNs.

1. ExpressVPN

Our first preference is for ExpressVPN to watch Putlockers because of its unique features and strong security protocols. It uses AES-256 bit Military-Guard encryption adopted by the US government. Split Tunneling is one of the crucial features of the  VPN that allows you to watch foreign movies from online streaming sites with a local IP address. ExpressVPN holds over 3000 servers worldwide and provides Private DNS on every server.

express vpn review

ExpressVPN Features:

  • ExpressVPN confers VPN speed test facilities.
  • Unlimited streaming without confronting any buffering issues.
  • Network kill switch to protect your data even if the connection drops.
  • 24/7 customer support through live chat or email.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN has a vast number of networks over 5500 servers placed in 59 countries. This VPN can pass down the geo-restrictions websites and ads and ensures explosive internet privacy. It shields user internet data with AES-256 military guard encryption and gives the fastest internet speed. Browser extensions of the VPN are available for several browsers like Chrome, Firefox.

NordVPN Review

NordVPN Features:

  • It can Block malware-hosting sites and unwanted ads.
  • Kill Switch feature that shields your online information non-stop.
  • It provides a dedicated IP address that can be used by an individual person.
  • Obfuscated servers that hide your internet traffic for maximum security.

3. CyberGhost VPN

To get all the features in one VPN, you can use Cyberghost. It contains over 6800 servers, which are comparatively higher than the other VPNs. CyberGhost not only confers the maximum number of servers but also ensures the best internet speed. Besides, the security protocols of the VPN are also robust. AES-256 bit military guard encryption has been used on this VPN that is indestructible.

CyberGhost Review

CyberGhost Features:

  • Within one click, you can hide your real IP address.
  • It makes public wi-fi into private.
  • A single CyberGhost account lets you protect 7 different devices at once.
  • CyberGhost provides unlimited bandwidth and speed.

4. SurfSharkVPN

SurfShark has 3200 plus servers worldwide, and all the servers are P2P friendly that helps to share large files without hassle. It has some exceptional features that you won’t get on the other VPNs, and Multihop is one of them. Turning on the feature, you can connect to multiple countries at once. As a security protocol, AES-256 bit encryption has been included on this VPN.

surf shark vpn review

SurfSharkVPN Features:

  • It has Camouflage Mode to keep you private always even from your ISP.
  • Runs private DNS on every server to protect your connected internet traffic.
  • Kill switch option that protects even if the connection is interrupted.
  • You can use SurfShark even in the restrictive zone.

5. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is convenient and easy to use because of its user-friendly interface. It contains over 100 servers worldwide and confers a Port Forward option that is elementary for Anonymous torrenting. It holds IPv6 leak protection that keeps your identity safe when the VPN connection drops out. PrivateVPN provides P2P servers in some countries like the UK.

private vpn

PrivateVPN Features:

  • It is consistent with all operating systems.
  • You can block anything and protect everything with this VPN.
  • It confers maximum speed for internet browsing.
  • Unblock geo-restrictions site and apps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have provided answers to some of the questions that we are oftentimes asked about Putlocker.

Has Putlocker Been Shut Down?

Yes, Putlocker was taken down in 2014 by the UK authorities due to the conflict between the website and content owners.

Is Putlocker Legal?

A group of people thinks that Putlocker is legal. The content it provided was copyrighted, though the lawmaker opines this website is legal.

Is It Safe To Use Putlocker?

Like the other free streaming sites, it shows unwanted pop-up ads that are hazardous for your PC. So,  it is better to use VPN.

What Are The Best Putlocker Alternatives?

There are huge websites that you can utilize to watch films and series. You can use the above mentioned free streaming as an alternative to Putlocker.

Final Verdict

Putlocker was the leading and most prominent free streaming site. Unfortunately, it has been closed down to conflict between copyright owners and websites. Though it is not available now, you can use the best putlocker alternatives that we pointed up above.

However, keep in mind that you must connect to a VPN first to watch movies and series from the streaming sites. Otherwise, there is a chance of being hacked by the intruders. So let’s check what streaming site does better and let us know by dropping your comment.

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