8 Best Torrent Sites (Safe & Free) in 2021

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Nowadays, most people are familiar with torrent sites, especially people who like to download movies. Torrent sites are a convenient and reliable way to download content including, movies, games, software, and many more. We are oftentimes asked what the best torrent sites are?

Most of the torrent sites are not easy to use and show irrelevant ads that are irritating. We have checked several torrent sites to notice which one is better for torrenting. Fortunately, we have found some of the prominent torrent sites that still work perfectly now. In this context, we’ll confer a complete review about those torrent sites.

Best Torrent Sites that Still Work in 2021

If you are dependent on torrent sites and looking for the best torrent site that still works, we are here.  In this segment, we’ll discuss the 9 best torrent sites that still Work everywhere.

Best Torrent Sites

1337x — Reliable With a Massive Torrents Library

1337x is one of the most well-known torrent sites that provide enormous torrent libraries. You will get everything on this site including, movies, music, Anime, Tv series, games, and many more. It holds search functions as well to find good torrents to download. You will get the latest files also out there.

1337x Feature:

You can check out the below features of the 1337x torrent site.

Founded 2007
Blocked In USA, UK, Indonesia, Italy, Netherlands, Malaysia, Portugal, many more
Type of Site Torrent index, magnet links provider
Visitors Per Months 71.2 Million
Average Download Speed 69.4 Mbps

Torrenting Tips:

You can download torrents from the site easily. Follow the below steps.

  1. Visits to its official site first.
  2. Find your wanted file in the search bar.
  3. Press on the download sign to download.

LimeTorrents — Millions of Torrents in Every Category

It is another prominent torrent site that provides thousands of movies, Tv series, and other media. The best part of the LimeTorrent is, all the torrents are verified. It has been attempting to fling off some of the awful vibes that griddle torrents. LimeTorent holds an active blog option that keeps your device safe.


LimeTorrents Features:

LimeTorrent Features have been included through the below table.

Number of Torrents Over 9,800,000
Types of Content Games Movies, Software, Ebooks
Blocked In Australia, French, UK
Mirror Limetorrent.co
Download Speed Average 3-4 Mbps

Torrenting Tips:

Downloading torrents from the site is easy. First, download a BitTorrent client, then go to the Lime torrent official site, and then search your desired torrent and download it. Once it is downloaded, open the torrent file on the BitTorrent client. 

YTS – Best for Movies

YTS is contemplated as one of the leading torrent sites that have thousands of movies torrents. The user-friendly interface of the site makes it popular among the users.  Even people who have never used torrents can use this site. It updates files regularly so that you can enjoy the latest torrent file of movies.

YTS – Best for Movies

YTS Features:

Features that YTS provide has been included within a table below.

Founded in 2011
Content Types Movies
Content Format 720P, 1080P, 3D
Registration Free
Banned in Ireland

Torrenting Tip:

Downloading a torrent file from the site is not a challenging task.

  1. Navigate to its official site.
  2. Search Movie’s name one the search bar.
  3. Now press on the Movie Format under the “Available in” option.

RARBG – Multipurpose

RARBG is one of the best alternative torrent sites to Pirate Bay, from where you can download the latest movies. Movie lovers must love its collection of quality and HD torrents. Millions of users visit the site to download movies, and it doesn’t show many ads like other torrent sites. It also provides details before downloading torrents, including file size, date, actors information, and many more.

RARBG Features:

You can check the below features of the torrent site to clear about what facilities you can get from it.

Launched in 2008
Number Of Content Over 8,00,000
Blocked in Bulgaria, Denmark, Indonesia, Ireland, Morocco, Pakistan, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom
Extra Feature Magnet Link
Content Types Games, Software, Music, Movies
Torrent Speed 8-9Mbs

Torrenting Tip:

Following some easy steps, you can download a torrent file from this site.

  1. Visit its official site first.
  2. Search your desired torrent or choose content types from the left side.
  3. After getting your content file, press on it and download it.

Torrentz2 – All in one

It is a comparatively newly-arrived torrent site than the others and mostly focuses on music. The torrent site’s user interface is convenient, and within a single click, you can download files from this site.  This torrent site is a great choice for music lovers, but you will find movies and tv shows as well.

Torrentz2 Features:

Look at the below features at a glance that you can get from the Torrentz2 site.

Launched In 2003
Number of Torrents Near 61 Million
Types of Content Movies, Tv Series, Apps, Games
Availability Entire World
Average Download 8-9 Mbs

Torrenting Tip:

From the site, you can easily download any content by following some of the steps.

  1. Go to the official site of Torrent.
  2. You’ll see a big search option. Find your desired file here.
  3. After searching the file, you will see several links to download the torrent.
  4. Click on a link and then press on the download option.

Nyaa. si – Best for Anime and Software

Nayaa.si is considered one of the best torrent sites for an enormous Anime and software collection. It is mainly focused on Eastern Asian media, including manga, Anime, Music, and many more. You can download files straightly from the site or use magnet links.  You can filter torrent files as well with categories on this site.

Nyaa. si – Best for Anime and Software

Nyaa Features:

Why Nyaa site is best for anime and software look at the below table and the Content Types from there.

Launched In 2005
Content Types Anime, Manga, Music, and many more
Mainly Focused On Eastern Asian Media
Blocked In UK, USA, Australia, Japan, and South Korea
Average Speed of  Download Near 5 Mbs

Torrenting Tip:

Execute the below methods to download torrent from Nyaa. Si website.

  1. Tap on the link below to navigate its official website.
  2. Search your desired torrent file.
  3. Now press on the “Download” or “Magnet Link” site.
  4. It will automatically download.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is placed in the top ranking among the torrent sites. The original domain name was thepiratebay.org, but when threatened by US authorities, it changed the domain name to thepiratebay.se. However, it is now using its original domain. You can download all types of files from the torrent site, including movies, series, games, software, and many more.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay Features:

The Pirate Bay’s features have been included within a table.

Launched In 2003
Available in 35 Languages
Content Types Movies, Series, Games, Music, Apps
Blocked In Several Countries
Download Speed 3-4 Mbs

Torrenting Tip:

With some easy steps, you can download torrent from the site.

  1. Go to the original site of The Pirate Bay.
  2. Search for your desired content.
  3. Press on the file, and it will download automatically.


EZTV is another older and prominent torrent site that distributes torrents from third parties. Recently, it released its own torrent, where you will get a verified torrent. It is comparatively convenient to use, and with a single click, you can download your desired content. You will have a huge collection of content like movies, music, software, and many more on this site.


EZTV Features:

To know what features EZTV confers, look at the below table at a glance.

Founded in 2005
Types of Content Movies & Tv  Shows
Blocked in Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom.
Download Speed Near 3 Mbs
Mirror Links https://eztv.wf, https://eztv.tf,

Torrenting Tip:

Like other Torrent sites, you can download content from here by applying some convenient steps.

  1. Navigate to its official site first.
  2. Search file’s name on the search bar.
  3. After getting search results, press on the Download sign option or Magnet Link option.

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How To Choose The Best Torrent Site

We are often asked how to choose the best torrent site. Here we’ll demonstrate what thing we should consider before selecting a torrent site.

Download Speed:

This is the first thing that you must consider. Indeed, you won’t ever want to wait hours after hours to watch movies.  That’s why check the torrent file from several torrent sites and choose which one provides the best download speed.

Number Of Torrents:

Select a torrent site that has a vast number of torrent files. To check it, search some popular tv shows or movies and see whether you’ll find it or not. If you get your desired and most popular content, use this site.

Number of seeders:

This is another elementary thing that you must consider before selecting the best torrent site. If you notice more seeds, you’ll get the fastest download speed.

Instant Download:

Check whether the torrent site lets you download the content instantly or not. If not, then avoid the site. You will find several torrent sites from where you can download torrent within a single click.

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How Do Torrent Sites Work?

Torrent sites work in three different ways. Here, we’ll demonstrate how torrent actually works.

How Do Torrent Sites Work

  1. The torrent file holds some information and informs users what computers are a unit of the file transferring process.
  2. It confers information about files and folders that are being downloaded by the user.
  3. Torrent clients link to the tracker, and the tracker sends IP addresses to all torrent clients to connect to the peers.
  4. Once all peers are connected, torrent clients start downloading torrent files.

What Is The Best VPN For Browsing Torrent Sites

For browsing torrent sites, VPN is a must because visiting torrent sites is illegal. That’s why you need to select a VPN that can confer the best security to surf the internet anonymously and safely. We have inspected several VPNs  to see which one provides better services and luckily found a few VPS. Below, we’ll attempt to give a complete review of them.

Best VPN For Browsing Torrent Sites


For surfing the torrent site, our first preference is ExpressVPN because it holds some classic features. ExpressVPN contains over 3000 servers placed in 94 countries and confers private DNS on every server. It includes a VPN speed test that lets you know whether you are getting speed or not.

express vpn review

The security encryption of ExpressVPN is AES-256 Military-Guard adopted by the US government. OpenVPN, WireGuard have been added to this VPN as default protocols that enhance VPN performance. The exclusive feature of the VPN is a kill switch that protects your IP even if the connection drops out.

To get the ExpressVPN at an affordable cost, use this Coupon Code and get 35% discount.


NordVPN is one of the oldest VPN that offers reliable services among users. For visiting torrent sites, it will provide you with double protection. It provides P2P servers as well that are crucial for torrenting. As a security protocol, it uses AES-256 bit encryption to shield your data from intruders.

NordVPN Review

It possesses more than 5500 servers located in 59 countries worldwide and follows a strict no-logs policy. It possesses some features that are exclusive from the others, and split tunneling is one of them. NordVPN can block malware-hosting websites and apps and provides maximum protection for keeping your data safe.

You can get NordVPN services at a reasonable cost. Use this Promo Code and get it with a discount price.


CyberGhost is another prominent VPN that has a vast range of servers. It holds over 6800 located in 89 countries worldwide, and some servers are P2P friendly that is elementary for torrenting. For ensuring internet security, it uses AES-256 bit encryption that is unbreakable. It offers unlimited bandwidth and traffic also.

CyberGhost Review

If you would like to get all VPNs facilities in one, we recommend using CyberGhost. DNS and IP leak protection are available on this VPN that safeguards your privacy if the connection is interrupted. You can aspect the highest possible speed on CyberGhost VPN. A single CyberGhost account lets you connect 7 devices at once.

Execute this Promo Code and get the CyberGhost VPN at a low-cost.


SurfShark is one of the most trusted VPNs that is convenient and easy to use. It contains over 3200 servers extended in 65 countries worldwide, and all the servers are P2P friendly. SurfShark VPN runs private DNS on every server and protects internet traffic. It holds some exclusive features that make it different from the others.

express vpn review

Multihop is one of the leading features that lets you connect several countries at once. Using a VPN, you can always stay private even from your ISP because Camouflage Mode is available on this VPN. You can use this VPN on restriction regions as well, and it is consistent with almost all platforms.

If you intend to get the services of the VPN with a discount price, apply this Coupon Code.


If you wish to use a  VPN that can unlock anything and protect everything, you can use privateVPN. It possesses only 100 plus servers that are less than other VPNs. Though the number of servers is minimal, it confers the best internet speed. It is uncomplicated and convenient to use also.

privet vpn

AES-256 with 2048 bit encryption has been included on it to shield user’s internet activities. It has some unrivaled features like Port Forward that are elementary for torrenting. The Kill Switch feature is available out there that keeps your identity safe if the VPN connections suddenly drop.

You can experience the PrivateVPN with a low-price if you execute our Special Promo Code.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have conferred answers to some queries that will aid you in knowing more about the torrent site.

How to download torrents safely?

To download torrent safely, make sure that you are connected with VPN. with VPN’s help, you can download torrent anonymously and securely.

How to find the content you want on a Torrent site?

Every torrent site holds a search option. Search your desired movie’s name on the search bar and then download it.

How to search for torrents and download them?

As we said above, search the torrent name on the search bar first after getting the search result, press on the certain file, and press the Download sign option.

Final Verdict

Torrent sites are elementary for people who are intended to watch movies, play games, or listen to music. In the above, we have discussed some of the best torrent sites that are still working.  With VPN help, you can download your needed content securely unknowingly.

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