5 Best VPN for Netflix Working in 2021 Free Download

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Netflix is holding the top position in the best streaming apps list. But, using Netflix in your region is not easy. Because Netflix does not give permission from all over the world to access on its server. That’s why you need a VPN app that supports Netflix to open. Some of the best VPN for Netflix and its features are given below. 

Follow the article to know about the best VPN service for Netflix. You will also be able to find out the VPN names that don’t allow the Netflix server. Let’s start.

Top List of Best VPN for Netflix 2021

Netflix is basically a USA based streaming app. You can directly access from some selected regions easily that Netflix supports. Different countries provide different rules. Netflix doesn’t support most of the country’s servers. In that case, a VPN app works as a savior. With the VPN app, you can easily access the Netflix server and watch the latest movies or shows, documentaries, etc.

Best VPN for Netflix

However, not all VPN apps support Netflix. Again, with some PN apps, you get poor or slow connections while using Netflix. So, after considering all the problems we make a list for the Top VPN that supports Netflix smoothly.  Top VPN that smoothly run the Netflix and supports the servers are-

  1. Express VPN        
  2. NordVPN
  3. VYPR VPN   
  4. Cyber Ghost VPN

Express VPN for Netflix

ExpressVPN For Mac

Express VPN holds the best position for its top service to users. If you select the Express VPN to open the Netflix, you will get a smooth connection with top-notch security. Also, this VPN app ensures security and protects your data information from your device. 

This VPN guarantees to return your money within 30-days. So, you can use this as a trial version for one month. Express VPN provides the first connection, so you can easily download or watch movies without any buffering. As Netflix provides HD quality videos, it is necessary to get a faster connection to load the server.

  • Express VPN has split-tunnel features that allow the Mac, Windows, and routers.
  • Most trusted and user-friendly app for Netflix.
  • It provides a smooth connection to run Netflix on your device.
  • Support the 24/7 live chat

Nord VPN for mac

Another VPN app that not only supports the Netflix server but also ensures the security system and creates virtual firewall protection to the server. If you love to watch Netflix, you should keep your server safe and secure. 

This VPN gives you access to all streaming sites including Netflix. To test the NordVPN service they also offer a one-month free trial like the express VPN. In the meantime, you can also check the Netflix server to ensure that both cope up really well. The connection of this VPN app is reliable and trustworthy.

  • Easy to use and install on your device.
  • Block the ads and malware with the CyberSec features.
  • Most trustworthy and reliable connection with great security.
  • Ensures the high- security on your device.
  • Faster speed to watch the videos smoothly.

VyprVPN for Netflix

VyprVPN For Mac

The VYPR VPN has excellent technology to access Netflix easily. The origin of this VPN app in Switzerland, but it supports the USA and UK Netflix servers. A lot of customized applications are available in this VPN app. 

The speed of this VPN app is quite good actually. This VPN supports many servers around the world. So, the process is very easy for this VPN to access the Netflix site.

  • Ensures the safety of the server with a secure connection. 
  • This VPN follows the strict protocol called Chameleon.
  • Protect from the malware and other viruses by giving masks on the server.
  • This VPN has the IP and DNS leak protection available

CyberGhost VPN for Netflix

CyberGhost VPN For Mac

The CyberGhost is the VPN app that gives you access to restricted sites easily. Normally Netflix is restricted to most of the countries. Only some regions are acceptable in the Netflix server. 

So, the CyberGhost VPN app makes sure you get access to the Netflix server easily. Besides giving you access, it also makes sure you get a safe and secure connection. Most importantly virus-free connection.

  • The installation process and use are very easy for everyone.
  • Advance technology to support all the systems. Also access to all blocked sites including Netflix.
  • Fast speed confirms that you can watch high-quality videos smoothly.
  • This VPN provides a good connection to stop buffering.

Poor Connection of VPN App with Netflix

There are lots of VPN apps you will find in the play store. To watch a streaming app like Netflix you need a good connection to the network with fast service. Not all the VPN apps are capable of providing good speed while opening the streaming apps. 

Some VPN apps may give you access to the Netflix server but the connection will be poor or slow. A shortlist is given below to see which VPN is actually slow for Netflix.

Hide.me VPN

Tunnel Bear

Hotspot Shield Pure VPN VPN Unlimited
Hola VPN


Hola VPN Proxy VPN VPN Tunnel

VPN that Doesn’t accept the Netflix

Some VPN apps can’t access the Netflix server. They are totally banned from the server. Though you can use these VPN apps for other work but can use Netflix. Let’s see which VPN apps are not applicable for Netflix.

Secure VPN

Opera VPN Celo VPN Ivacy VPN
Private Tunnel


Cactus VPN OverPlay

FAQ VPN Netflix

Which VPN works with Netflix?

There are several VPNs that work with Netflix smoothly. Like NordVPN, Express VPN, CyberGhost, VYPR, Surf Shark are top VPN apps in the user’s choice list.

How do I bypass the Netflix VPN block?

The nature of a VPN is to bypass blocks. A good VPN helps to bypass the block for Netflix. With a VPN app, you can easily bypass the block and watch Netflix safely. The VPN app will protect your Netflix IP.

How can I change the region on Netflix?

Netflix only supports a few countries with a regular internet connection. But if you want to watch Netflix from restricted countries by changing the region then install a VPN app. A VPN app that supports Netflix, install it on your device. And then go to the settings option to change the region. Choose the region that supports the Netflix server and you are ready to watch.

Is it illegal to use a VPN app for Netflix?

No, it is not illegal to use the VPN app for Netflix until your region or country-restricted the VPN app. Generally, no country makes the VPN illegal, so you can use the VPN for Netflix legally.

Can I get a free Netflix?

Netflix already offers to use completely free for 30 days in any region to introduce their services. But, if you want to use free Netflix, you have to hack the server, which is not easy. Besides, it is illegal.

Is it possible for Netflix to detect VPN?

Yes, Netflix can easily detect the VPN through its IP address. Also, Netflix detects the DNS server to find out the VPN app.

Final Thought

There was a moment when people loved to watch movies in the theater. Though it was fun, it was a very complicated process. Nowadays you are just one click away to watch all your favorite latest movies by sitting at your home. Netflix creates such kinds of opportunities for the people. 

Though Netflix does not support all the servers from different countries. But with a VPN app, you can easily access the Netflix server. This article will help you to choose the Best VPN for Netflix in 2021. Select the VPN app that your device is compatible with and enjoy watching movies or TV shows at your home safely.

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