12 Best Websites to Watch Hindi Movies Online in 2021

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The Hindi language places the 4th position among all the languages. More than a 341million  people in the world speak Hindi as a native speaker. That’s why the Indian film industry grew up as one of the top-most industries in the globe. Comparatively, Bollywood released the prime number of movies yearly.

In this digital era, people avoid going to the theatre for watching movies. With the advancement of technology, they are getting more conventional with the online world. And they choose many online websites to watch their favorite movie. The best websites to watch hindi movies are not tough to find. Since streaming sites contain some unnecessary content, it’s not safe to browse it without safety.

Use a premium VPN before going to a streaming site. Because some of the streaming sites have geo-restriction and only a Premium VPN can help you in this process.

Best Websites to Watch Hindi Movies Online

You will find numerous websites to watch Hindi Movies. Some are legal, and some are illegal. Torrent sites and many online streaming sites contain pirated content, which is unethical and illegal also. Here we suggest you some of the best websites to watch hindi movies, which are legal and safe. We recommend a Premium VPN to get access to those sites successively.

1. Hotstar

Hotstar is considered the boon of all movie lovers. For people who watch movies online, Hotstar is their first choice. The collection of Hotstar is vast and updated with the latest movies. They have movies from eight different languages, along with Hindi. You don’t even need to register to watch movies.


Hotstar offers two types of content. One is Free, and another is Premium. For watching premium content, you need to buy a subscription fee. You can also watch all kinds of live sports and news as well in Hotstar. Hotstar allows you to watch 30 different TV channels like Star Plus, Foxlife, National Geographic, Life OK, etc.

Why Use Hotstar:

  • Massive collection of Hindi Movies
  • Ensure quality streaming and good video quality
  • Application for OS and iOS.

2. YouTube

If you love to watch classic Hindi movies, YouTube is suitable for you. On YouTube, you will find all your favorite Hindi classics like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Mother India, Sholay, etc. The possibility of finding new movies on YouTube is rare because account creation for Uploading movies is different from opening other accounts.


YouTube is the platform where pirated content is available. There are many channels available that provide movies that are not pirated. Goldmines Telefilms, Shemaroo Movies, Rajsri is the popular channels for watching Hindi movies in HD. They stream their own content in their medium in a legal way.

Why Use YouTube:

  • Application is available for all operating systems.
  • Most convenient website
  • Good Streaming quality and available in a different format according to network.

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3. Netflix

Netflix is another source of watching Hindi Movies. In some very few years, they have captivated the Bollywood market, and they produce many Hindi films. Netflix always maintains standard quality for screenplay and storytelling. On their website, you can stream the latest movies that are newly released.


Netflix has a good streaming speed. They allow watching movies in HD quality. All you need is a subscription package. Under one subscription package, you can enjoy all their movies and other entertainment content also. The collection of Netflix is more extensive than any other streaming site.

Why Use Netflix:

  • HD Quality Movies
  • No Ads
  • Big Collection of Different Types of Movies

4. Hungama Movies

Hungama Movies is the most popular accessible website in India. This website is mainly well known for music. With a massive collection of music, they also have a huge movie in their library. Hungama Movies offer a free trial for the app user. You can watch 10 minutes of a movie without subscribing. After that, you have to sign up with your Email.

Hungama Movies

Hungama Movies allows you to download a movie for viewing offline. The streaming quality of this site is satisfactory. They have the facility of watching a movie in all quality formats. The application of Hungama Movies is available in the play store and apple app store.

Why Use Hungama Movies:

➧ Enrich Collection classic movies

➧ Downloading option with sign up

➧ Safe to use

5. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a Premium streaming site along with a one-month free trial. This site is quite similar to Netflix. It’s considered as the real rival of Netflix. The collection of Hindi movies with different languages is numerous. After one month of the free trial, the subscription fee of Amazon Prime for every user is Rs.2.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime videos have unlimited movie streaming. The TV shows of Amazon Prime are also popular. Game of Thorns, Breaking Bad, Chilling Adventure of Sabrina, and many other series also available in their entertainment collection. The best part of Amazon Prime is that it has a Bollywood collection only, but they also have a group from different industries.

Why Use Amazon Prime Video:

  • User Friendly UI
  • Have all the latest collection
  • Available in six different languages

6. BigFlix

Here is another best streaming site for Hindi Movies. In Bigflix, you have to sign in to watch a movie. Bigflix does not provide its service for free. You have to pick a monthly subscription package, or they have to pay per a movie option. The cost is comparatively low among all the paid service streaming sites.


The collection of Hindi movies is impressive with all the latest movies. You can watch live sports on Bigflix also. They provide live streaming of Cricket, Football, BasketBall, and many events. Bigflix shows no ads and pop-ups in their interface if you use a subscription plan. They have a subscription plan for monthly and yearly at a cheaper rate.

Why Use Bigflix:

  • HD Quality Movies
  • Attractive and Simple Interface
  • Application Available for different Version

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7. YuppFlix

YuppFlix is the most popular streaming site in Malaysia, but it has a big Hindi Movies collection. You can use it for paid and non-paid services as well. The website allows you to access different languages like English, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi. To find new movies on YuppFlix is more comfortable than on other sites because they have a search bar for new realized movies in their interface.


YuppFlix provides an online TV streaming service around India and other countries. YuppFlix has an application for android and iOS users. One can enjoy their service on different devices under one subscription. YuppFlix offers you 14 days free trial with access to all content.

Why Use YuppFlix:

  • Design as supported multi-language
  • Good Collection for six different languages movie
  • Available in many countries

8. Voot

Voot is considered an excellent website for streaming Hindi Movies. This site not only streams Hindi movies but also streams Bengali, Tamil, Telugu movies. They have an exceptional collection of TV shows, short films and music too. They have a content collection for Kid. The site is completely free to watch. You just need to sign in with your email.


In the Voot interface, you will find a “Movie-Mania: Watch For Free” bar. By clicking on this bar, you can find the latest and popular movie easily. Voot ensures quality and uninterrupted streaming for every film. The site is blocked outside of India. So, you need a Premium VPN to access from abroad.

Why Use Voot:

  • Support multiple devices under one account
  • Free to watch
  • Reliable streaming speed

9. Zee 5

If you are looking for a website for watching Hindi Movies without sign in, Zee 5 is for you. They have thousands of movies in their library, along with TV series, Short Films. Zee 5 has two streaming services. One is free for watching, and the other premium which needs to pay to watch. They have offered classics to all types of movies with a good streaming speed. The best part of Zee 5 is you can watch movies in a poor network connection.

Zee 5

Zee 5 is also famous for dubbed movies. You can watch different language movies on Zee 5 in Hindi Dubbed. Zee 5 allows you to watch 90 plus channels. Those channels are post watched channels in India. Zee 5 can be accessed from anywhere. They have no geo-blocking policy.

Why Use Zee 5:

  • Apps available for all platform
  • No buffering
  • Safe to use

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10. Eros Now

Eros Now is a Top-viewed streaming site for watching Hindi Movies. The site has a user-friendly UI and can be navigated easily. They have an impressive collection of Hindi Movies and other entertainment content. This site is legal to access because it’s a media partner of Eros International. Eros Now offers 14 days of free trial with a basic account.

Eros Now

The streaming quality is quite impressive on this site. They stream all content in HD quality. The site offers all superhit movies along with different TV shows and Music. Eros Now allows you to select your favorite movies according to the genre like comedy, action, adventure, etc. Eros Now can be watched on Amazon Fire TV, FireStick, FireStick 4K. They have applications for android and iOS users also.

Why Use Eros Now:

  • Impressive Collection of Hindi Movies
  • Hassle-free streaming
  • HD Video quality

11. BoxTV

BoxTV is quite famous for its excessive collection of Bollywood, Hollywood, and Tollywood movies. You can watch almost all types of movies on one platform. They have a wide range of supplies globally. The homepage of BoxTV is free from ads for both free and paid users. The site is considered an independent streaming site because of its server. This site has geo-restriction for some countries.


BoxTV is available for many platforms and has an easily accessible policy. The interface of this site is simple to use. You can look for your dearest movie according to the catalog. BoxTV will give you the facility of watching movies in a different format. In a low network connection, it can stream films without buffering.

Why Use BoxTV:

  • Different content in one platform
  • Smooth streaming
  • No ads on the interface and safe to use

12. SonyLiv

SonyLiv is a streaming site owned by Sony Entertainment. By signing in to SonyLiv, you can watch 14 different TV channels for free. The site has two types of content. In free content, you will find dozens of categories that are totally free. In Premium content, you will find much m, more content that is best in class. SonyLiv has the best collection of Hindi movies, undoubtedly.


The quality of streaming in SonyLiv is satisfactory with the HD quality video streaming. Moreover, if y6ou watch free content, you don’t even sign in on SonyLiv. It’s easy to pick your movie and start watching. Currently, SonyTv is only available in India if you want to watch SonyLiv from the outside, a Premium VPN that all you need to access.

Why Use SonyLiv:

  • Friendly User Interface
  • Cheapest subscription plan for Premium content
  • Legal and Safe to browse

How to Use a VPN to Stream Hindi Movies

Using a VPN to stream Hindi Movies mandatory. If you are concerned about your safety and want to access all the most fantastic websites which provide the best streaming services. Have a look at the quick steps on How to use a VPN to stream Hindi Movies.

Step 1: Pick a Premium VPN and select a plan to purchase and register (We recommend NordVPN)

How to Use a VPN to Stream Hindi Movies

Step 2: Log in with your account that you have created while registering.

How to Use a VPN to Stream Hindi Movies


Step 3: Connect with a server from the server list.

How to Use a VPN to Stream Hindi Movies

Step 4: Go to your favorite website for watching Hindi Movies.

How to Use a VPN to Stream Hindi Movies

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1. ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN is one of the best services VPN providers according to user choice. This VPN is suitable for everything like torrenting, Live Streaming, Accessing geo-blocked sites.


To watch Hindi Movies on the best streaming site, ExpressVPN offers unlimited bandwidth with a 100% success rate. Your streaming experience will smooth because ExpressVPN blocks all ads and dangerous content for your device. They have servers from 94 different countries around the world. The total number of servers of ExpressVPN Is over 3000, and they use 160 locations to cover globally. Its fastest connection with every server will make your watching comfortable.

ExpressVPN has no logs policy for every user, and they use a world-class encryption policy 256-bit-keys military guard encryption. They have no data leaking because they have a technology called DNS & IP leak protection. ExpressVPN has a split tunneling facility, and they provide private DNS for every server. ExpressVPN gives you a dedicated new IP for every new connection. So being anonymous with ExpressVPN is simple.

If you decide about ExpressVPN to watch Hindi movies online, buy with a coupon code. You will find a 35% off and a money-back guarantee for 30 days.

2. NordVPN Review

NordVPN is renowned for its ultra-fast connection to a security system. You can access all streaming sites without fear because NordVPN will give you 100% protection.

NordVPN Review

NordVPN has 5522 servers from 59 countries around the globe. Every server is P2P friendly and able to break the geo-restriction of any sites. In NordVPN, there is an option which is called one-click anonymous. They will hide your online activity and secure your browsing data safely. NordVPN has an obfuscated server that allows you to stream movies on a streaming site without buffering.

NordVPN has 256-bit-keys-AES Military guard encryption to guard your data. They will mask your IP in two different ways and confirm your identity as anonymous. NordVPN can be used in a router and supported on multiple devices. You can use this VPN on six other devices under one account. They follow the no-log policy strictly and show no ads in their interface. NordVPN will offer you unlimited bandwidth for browsing and streaming too.

Use NordVPN and get a 68% save and money return offer for 30 days using a coupon code while purchasing.

3. CyberGhost VPN Review

CyberGhost is one of the fastest-growing VPN providers with the highest number of servers and unlimited bandwidth. They ensure the fastest speed and security also.


With all P2P server facilities, CyberGhost has a total of 6846 servers from 89 countries. They use 111 locations to serve globally. The best part of  CyberGhost servers is that their servers are from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Netherlands. CyberGhost has a straightforward interface and blocks all malicious content that is unnecessary for your devices.

CyberGhost follows a no-logs policy. Your browsing history will be kept safe in a tunnel. CyberGhost’s ultra-fast connection to every server gives you an impressive streaming experience. CyberGhost has a 256-bit-AES military encryption  to protect your data from third parties. CyberGhost will protect your wifi connection too. CyberGhost gives you the facility to use one account on multiple devices and supports the router also.

If you are determined about CyberGhost to watch Hindi movies online, purchase it with the coupon code and get an 83% save and money back to offer for 45 days.

Why You Need a VPN to Stream Hindi Movies and How to Choose the Best

The online streaming site has some geo-restriction sometimes. You can not access those sites from anywhere you want. Sometimes a VPN is needed for your safety also. Because that streaming site has ads and dangerous content that can affect your PC, you can break the geo-restriction of any site and use an alternative server to access it through a VPN.

When you think about a VPN for watching Hindi movies online, you have remembered something very essential. There are a lot of VPNs available. All those are not suitable for you to watch Hindi Movies online. Consider a Premium VPN, which has a 100% success rate and the ability to break any site’s geo-restriction.

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Frequently Asked Question

The best thing about watching Hindi Movies online is you can find many websites. But sometimes people get confused about choosing the right website for them. That’s why people often asked those questions which are related to our write-up.

What Are the Top Bollywood Movies of 2021?

Radhe, 83, Bell Bottom, Madam Chief Minister, Maidaan, KGF Chapter 2, The Girl on the Train is the top movie of 20021 in Bollywood.

Do I Need a VPN to Watch Hindi Movies?

You need a VPN to watch Hindi Movies because the website which provides online streaming has some geo-restriction. Sometimes they contain much harmful content also. To keep you safe from those and give you security, you need a VPN.

How to Get Amazon Prime Video for Free?

By using an Amazon gift card, you can get Amazon Prime Video for Free. You will also get a 1-month free trial if you subscribe to any plan.

How to Get Free Netflix to Watch Indian Films?

Users need to sign up with StreamFest with their email and password to free Netflix to watch Indian Films.

How to get free Hotstar/Disney+ for Hindi movies?

Jio is currently providing a free subscription for Hotstar/Disney+ for Hindi Movies. In their VIP subscription, Rs. 401 for one month, you can watch Hotstar/Disney+ for Hindi Movies.

Summary and Further Reading

In recent years, Bollywood movies have gained popularity among all the nations. They have produced and released many films in a year, and they have quality also. The need to watch Hindi movies online that’s why it is rising day by day. We hope the best websites to watch hindi movies gives you an outline to choose the best website. As we said earlier, consider a Premium VPN from our recommendation to watch Hindi Movies online.

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