BlueStacks App Player for PC – Windows 7,8,10 and Mac

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It would be better for you if you could run your android apps and games on the PC, right? Bluestacks is such a kind of program that offers you to run the android application in your PC very smoothly. You may have limitations to play on your android phone. Also, you may not find it enjoyable to play android applications on your phone.

Then, Bluestacks is the way to go for you right now and have a taste of it. Bluestacks is the platform to store your android phone like another tremendous way to run it in your pc. With the help of the awesome interactive interface of Bluestacks, it’s a lot easier to navigate and operate on your PC.

After downloading and starting the executable file in your PC, you will be able to use it by doing a few clicks.

BlueStacks App Player for PC

Features of BlueStacks App Player

Tons of features are included in bluestacks app player for pc to make you an awesome experience to use it. Mostly, the magnificent feature is covered with running apps and games smoothly on your PC. You will get high-end graphics than any of the android phones. However, you may have the confusion of the PC requirement of using Bluestacks. You will be happy to know that the minimum requirement is only having at least 2GB of RAM and 9GB hard drive space. Okay, let’s discuss the features of Bluestacks.

  • Using android phone fast and full screen from the PC
  • Play high-end graphics games
  • Play any apps smoothly that may lag on your Android
  • Download and install apps from play store
  • Easy integration with mouse and keyboard
  • Supports multitask
  • Open Apps with double-clicking from desktop
  • Moving files from android and PC and vice-versa
  • Easy and quick microphone integration
  • Simultaneous multitasking with having great performance
  • Streaming directly from twitter or Facebook or any other media
  • Integrated sensors to comply with bigger brands like Intel, Samsung, HP, Lenovo and many more
  • Pre-installed games and apps

Updates BlueStacks 4 Performance

It was first founded in 2011. That was built to remove the boundaries of playing android emulator games smoothly on the phone. Recently, there have been shown more than 200 million people are using this emulator on their PC. Over the years, the performance of Bluestacks is highly increased by adding new features. Mostly, features are added and updated depending on user requirements, bugs, and other technical issues. Here are the newly added features following the previous update.

  • Updated macOS to
  • New login screen with an account (enhances the look and feel)
  • Added to run time error detection and resolving it
  • Added the ability to view apps notification or mute them
  • Creating shortcuts for general actions
  • RPG’s playing using multiple instances and clicking over all them synchronizing
  • Improved game compatibility, removes bugs and enhances performance
  • Make high-performance plan more interactive
  • Fixes issues with the keyboard with only pressing the ALT key

How to Download BlueStacks for Windows 7,8,10 and Mac

It’s quite easy to download bluestacks from any of your browsers. All you need to have a working internet connection with your PC and a browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Brave, Internet Explorer or any other which lets you connect with the internet. Then follow the steps below:

Step 01: Write in the address bar and hit enter from the keyboard or go from the interface of the browser.

BlueStacks App Player for PC

Step 02: Check the download button named “Download Button”

Step 03: It will take you to the download page.

After a few moments, your download will get started. It will ask for the folder where to download the exe file. You can choose the default folder or set a different custom folder to specify download.

Step 04: After the completion of the download, double click on it. You will see an interface like below and click on “Install Now”

Step 05: Now it will start downloading necessary files to install the executable file on your PC.

Step 06: It may take up to 5 minutes to complete downloading those resources

After the process is completed, you will ask to sign in with your Google Account. Just put the required fields with the correct information.

Now, you’re all set. Just keep exploring the awesome features of Bluestacks on your PC.

How to Play BlueStacks Android Games On Your PC

After you completed the installation, you will need to click and open Bluestacks from the desktop. After that, an interface will appear in the monitor that looks the same as the interface of your android device. Navigate the apps and try to launch any of them. You can also download apps by going to Google Playstore from the apps list.

Bluestacks will give you the facility to play high-end graphics games. It is 6 times better than playing from any other android device. You will also be able to prevent the lacking of playing games that lag or hang on your android device. Overall, it’s just a fantastic way to play all of your android games and apps very smoothly from your PC.

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