Does Windscribe Work With Netflix?

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Netflix is a geo-blocked streaming site that means it distributes certain content in different countries. It is available now in 190 countries, but worldwide, you can’t watch the same content. It happens due to copyright issues. For instance, if you are a Portuguese user, you can’t watch content that is fixed for Canada.

Now you might be speculating how you can watch restricted Netflix content. VPN is the only way that can allow you to stream geo-blocked sites. Several VPNs are available, but you need to specify the right one that can really unblock. Many users ask does Windscribe work with Netflix? Here, we’ll avert your confusion by providing an answer.

Does Windscribe Work With Netflix?

Does Windscribe Work With Netflix? The answer to the question relies on what kind of subscription you use. If you use the free version of Windscribe, it can’t unblock Netflix. So, you must use the premium version of the VPN. With a free plan, you can connect to the 10 country servers only, and monthly bandwidth is limited.

Does Windscribe Work With Netflix?

In contrast, if you use the paid version, you can enjoy the most prolific feature of the VPN, Windflix. With the help of the feature, you can get access to the US Netflix smoothly. Remember that you can watch the streaming-only in two countries: the UK and the USA. Windflix service is available for almost all operating systems, including Linux, Windows, Mac, except iOS.

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How Do I Watch Netflix on Windscribe

The Windscribe interface is not complicated at all. So without confronting any hassle, you connect to its servers and enjoy Netflix. In this section,  we’ll illuminate the procedure of watching Netflix on Windscribe.

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Step 1: First, create a Windscribe account.  To do it, go to its official site and then submit information like username, email, password.

How Do I Watch Netflix on Windscribe

Step 2: Now download Windscribe VPN for your device.

How Do I Watch Netflix on Windscribe

Step 3: Now figure out which region Netflix you want to unblock and connect to a server of that region.

How Do I Watch Netflix on Windscribe

Step 4: Now open the Netflix app on your device, log in with your Netflix account, and then enjoy your favorite movies, tv shows, and series.

How Do I Watch Netflix on Windscribe

Windscribe Reviews in 2021

Windscribe is a convenient and reliable VPN that provides a diverse VPN server in over 63 countries. You will get a better internet connection as well with this VPN. It confers promising services with its prolific features. The security encryption of the VPN is robust. It uses AES-256 bit encryption with RSA-4096 bit keys that protect your privacy explosively.


Windscribe works with almost all operating systems except iOS, and the native application of the app is available. It can unblock geo-blocked streaming sites as well. Split tunneling is a crucial feature of the VPN that allows you to optimize traffic flow. Windscribe can unblock malware and unwanted ads also.

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Windscribe Features:

  • It follows no data-logging policy; thus, the VPN authority has no right to track or collect your information.
  • Double Hop feature that protects your connection through 2 servers.
  • Time Warp that enables you to change your timezones.
  • A single account lets you connect 100 devices simultaneously.

Final Verdict

We hope you have found your answer to the question: does Windscribe Work with Netflix? In short, it works. You just need to get the premium version of it. Windscribe is fast and provides unlimited bandwidth, and has the impressive capability of unblocking streaming sites, including Netflix.

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