How Does Nordvpn Work With Netflix?

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Netflix is one of the best streaming sites worldwide. It is now available in 190 countries. But the problem is, the content of Netflix is geo-restricted. That means it distributes particular content in different regions. For instance, Canadian subscribers can’t stream the content that is only available in America.

Now you could be speculating how you can watch your desired movies, shows, and Tv series from abroad. There is a way to enjoy Netflix content from everywhere. Using a VPN, you can unblock the restricted content. You can use NordVPN to watch Netflix. Now you may ask, Does NordVPN Work with Netflix? To find out the answer, read out the context carefully.

Why Netflix Blocks a VPN Provider?

Watching Netflix with a VPN is not a crime. But according to the Netflix terms of services, utilizing any procedures to get access to regional shows from different locations has always been against their rules. From a couple of years ago, they are blocking VPN providers because content producers drop the services to become more determined and strengthen the rule.

Why Netflix Blocks a VPN Provider

Netflix is working to distribute the same content worldwide simultaneously, but it will take time to be accomplished. Mostly Netflix came under compressor from a big film studio in 2014 to block VPN providers. Because Australian Subscribers were watching Netflix, although it wasn’t available in Australia at that time.

Does NordVPN Work With Netflix

Most people are getting confused about whether NordVPN works with Netflix or not. NordVPN not only works with Netflix but also it works with other streaming sites. With NordVPN, you can unlock different countries Netflix such as Netflix US, Canada, Japan, Italy, French and many more. Just open the VPN and connect the available servers within the selected country that you want to unblock.

Does NordVPN Work With Netflix

We have tested several servers to know which one can unblock Netflix. The good thing is every single server worked perfectly. Currently, NordVPN added Smart DNS services that can unblock more than 150 streaming sites. So you can easily watch the BBC, Amazon Prime, ABC Live, Hulu, Disney, and many more.

How to Use NordVPN With Netflix

Using NordVPN is easy and convenient, and anyone who never used VPN can use it. In this section, we have illuminated the procedure of using NordVPN with Netflix.

Step1: First, Sign-Up for NordVPN if you don’t have an account yet. To Sign-UP, go to its official sites and provide some information.

Sign-Up for NordVPN

Step2: Now download the NordVPN app according to your device requirement. Never download the app from third-party websites.

download the NordVPN app

Step3: After completing the download and installation process, launch the VPN on your PC and sign in with an email and password.

 launch the VPN on your PC

Step4: Now select the country server that you want to connect.

select the country server

Step5: Open the Netflix app or go to its official site and log in with your email and password. Now enjoy the unlimited show on the most prominent online platform.

log in with your email and password

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NordVPN Reviews In 2021

We recommend NordVPN to people who want both privacy and speed. It is also comparatively inexpensive than other VPNs. NordVPN has an extensive network of over 5000 plus servers in 62 countries. So users can connect to any country’s servers they want. The security protocol of the VPN is robust. It uses 256- bit AES military guard encryption, which is unbreakable.

Apart from the robust security protocols, it provides double-layered security, P2P, and dedicated IP servers as well. As a result, you can easily visit the geo-blocked websites and apps. It is consistent with all operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, Linux. The native application of the VPN is also available for the OS, as mentioned earlier.

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NordVPN Features:

  1. This VPN follows a strict Zero Logs policy to protect user’s online activities.
  2. A single NordVPN account lets you connect 6 devices at a time.
  3. It can block malware-hosting websites and stop showing unwanted ads.
  4. 24/7 customer live chat support via email.
  5. It ensures uninterrupted streaming so you can enjoy HD content without confronting buffering issues.


If you’ve been wondering how does NordVPN work in Venezuela in 2021, I hope you’ve found the answer from this article. NordVPN provides DNS servers now, and it can unblock 150 plus streaming sites, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, ABC Live, BBC, and many more. So without any uncertainty, you can use NordVPN to watch Netflix from everywhere. However, for any further queries, drop your comments below.

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