How To Get HBO in Australia Right Now – Ultimate Guide

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HBO is the most popular on-demand streaming service in America. This streaming site is known worldwide for its number of content like Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, Chernobyl, The Wire, etc. Currently, HBO has blocked all its content in Australia for its license streaming issue. They have blocked HBO Go and HBO Max also in Australia. This makes it difficult to watch any HBO content from Australia.

If you are wondering How to Get HBO in Australia Right Now, you are in the proper place. We have a complete guideline to get HBO in Australia. You will find more ways to access HBO from Australia, while the VPN method is the most convenient.

How To Get HBO in Australia Right Now

Who doesn’t want to watch the world’s most popular content? Australian people are not different from any other people, like so many people, Australian people also big fans of HBO content. They want frequent access to HBO to watch their favorite content. There is a way to watch HBO content in Australia by using Foxtel’s subscription package. But this streaming service doesn’t stream all the HBO content. They have the right to stream only a limited number of content. Since this method to watch HBO content in Australia is not a good picking.

HBO in Australia

Now comes with VPN method. This method is the easiest method to watch all the content of HBO from Australia. Bu following this method, you can also access HBO Max and HBO Go. By using a VPN, you can get access to HBO from Australia and access it from any place in the world. You just need to reroute your request to access HBO by using a USA server. The steps you need to follow to get HBO in Australia are below.

Quick Steps To Get HBO From Australia


Step 1: Subscribe on ExpressVPN and complete the payment process

Subscribe on ExpressVPN

Step 2: Download the application file of ExpressVPN from the official source on your device (We recommend ExpressVPN)

Download ExpressVPN

Step 3: Install the application file and log in with your user ID and Password

Install the application

Step 4: Select a US-based server from the server list and click on “Connect.”

Select US based server

Step 5: Go to the official website of HBO and start watching your all favorite content.

Go to the official website of HBO

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What is the Best VPN for Get HBO in Australia

A premium VPN is perfect for getting HBO in Australia. Since only a premium VPN has the features that are compatible with HBO. A  VPN that can break any geo-restriction and give unlimited bandwidth is the best VPN to get HBO. However, all the premium VPN does not belong in the same category. Some VPNs have outstanding performance. Here we suggest you three best VPN for getting HBO in Australia. We don’t pick that VPN randomly. We choose them because that VPN has the highest user rating.

Best VPN for Get HBO in Australia

1. ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN is one of the most usable premium VPN to watch HBO content. The performance of this VPN with the HBO website is too good. With ExpresssVPN server watching any HBO content, HBO Max and HBO Go are so easy and hassle-free. EXpressVPN servers create a secure and robust connection that helps to watch any content without any buffering. This premium VPN has 3000 plus servers from 160 various locations.

ExpressVPN review

ExpressVPN offers unlimited bandwidth on their premium version. These VPN servers can break the geo-restriction of any site. With ExpressVPN, you can access HBO from any country by using a USA server. Also, ExpressVPN ensures the security of its user. They follow a no-log policy that any third parties see any data cant. ExpressVPN is compatible with all native versions. This VPN can use as an extension also. It takes 3 to 2 seconds to stream any video with the ExpressVPN server.

This super-secure VPN uses a 256-bit-keys encryption policy to guard user data. The USA military follows the same encryption to secure their data. ExpressVPN has DNS & IP leak protection that will save you from being hacked and online surveillance. With the ExpressVPN server’s super-fast speed, you can watch any content of HBO with HD and 4K quality. Buy this VPN and get 35% off and a money-back guarantee for 30 days. To get all these offers, use coupon codes while purchasing this VPN.

 2. CyberGhost Review

CyberGhost is one of the best premium VPNs on a low budget. This VPN offers almost the same and advanced features as other premium VPN. All servers of CyberGhost VPN are P2P friendly. They can share any file within a short time. CyberGhost has servers from all the US territories. Thus it will easier to watch HBO content from any part of the world. All servers can break the geo-blocked of maximum sites. To Watch HBO content from Australia, CyberGhost can be your first picking.

CyberGhost review

CyberGhost VPN provides the highest number of servers among all the premium VPN. They provide 6846 servers around the world in total. They manage their server from 111 places in the world. They have unlimited bandwidth for accessing any website. With the CyberGhost server, you can access any streaming sites like HBO, HBO Max, HBO Go, Apple Tv, Amazon Prime Tv, and many other streaming sites. They will provide you the fastest connection to stream any video.

CyberGhost has world-class encryption that is 256-bit-AES military encryption. User’s browsing information will hide under this encryption. They follow DNS & IP leak protection and Kills switch mode to hide each user’s data. This VPN is found with various versions. Like it can be used in Android, Mac, iOS, Linus operation devices. CyberGhost provides the facility to use this VPN on multiple devices under one account. Get an 83% off and money-return offer for 45 days using a coupon code while buying this VPN.

3. NordVPN Review 

NordVPN builds for providing fast speed. It uses smart play technology to ensure the same connection speed for accessing any sites. NordVPN is popular among its user for its connection quality. You will not find any connection dropping while using any server of NordVPN. They provide a dedicated IP for every new connection. For these features, you will utterly anonymous in the online world. Your government or any other third party cant track your online identity.

nord vpn review

NordVPN provides limitless bandwidth for accessing any streaming site. With the NordVPN server, you can watch any content in the HBO library for a long time. The sur-total  256-bit AES encryption and they manage those  256-bit AES encryption. They have an ofocused server, which gives you the facility of using VPN without knowing anyone. NordVPN uses  256-bit AES encryption to guard your data and also follows a no-log policy. This VPN can operate on 7 seven devices simultaneously.

You can connect NordVPN with a router also. It will ensure the same security while connecting with a router. Your IP address will completely hide with their DNS &IP leak protection. NordVPN offers its users to watch any video with zero buffering. You can get 68% off on NordVPN. They will also provide you a money-return policy for 30 days. To get all those offers, you have to use a coupon code while buying this VPN.

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Frequently Asked Question

People sometimes ask the below question that is related to Getting HBO in Australia. Let’s see the question. Maybe you have the same question on your mind. Here we have tried to give the possible answers to those questions in easy language.

How can I watch HBO Max in Australia?

You can watch HBO Max in Australia by using Foxtel’s streaming service. However, this streaming service allows you to get access to limited content. Besides, by using a VPN, you can access all the content on HBO in Australia.

Can I get HBO on Netflix?

No, like many other streaming services HBO and Netflix are two individual streaming services. You cant get HBO on Netflix. However, you can get all these streaming sites by buying one subscription package.

Can I watch HBO with a VPN?

You need a VPN to watch HBO because of the geo-restriction of the site. VPN helps you change your IP address and gives you a new address by which you can get access to HBO.

Can I watch HBO Max anywhere?

HBO  Max is only accessible from US territories. It is impossible to access HBO Max from outside the USA. However, using a VPN can give you the facility to get access HBO Max from anywhere.


For streaming quality content the user of HBO increasing day by day. Their maximum content gets worldwide acceptance because of the quality. Due to the block of HBO in Australia, people look for an answer on How to Get HBO in Australia Right Now. For those people, we have created this easy guideline.

By using this VPN method, anyone can get access to the HBO library from Australia. In addition, using a premium VPN give a super-fast connection with unlimited bandwidth while watching HBO content. If you have faced any problems when following these procedures, feel free to write down your comment below.

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