How To Use Nordvpn On Firestick – The Ultimate Guide

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Amazon Firestick is a digital multimedia video player. The shape of the Firestick is like a USB drive. Inserting it to the TV’s HDMI port, you can turn your device into a SmartTV. There  are lots of applications available on the Firestick which are geo-restricted. For instance, if you stay outside America, you can stream Hulu on Firestick. On the other hand, you can’t watch BBC iPlayer if you are outside the UK.

Connecting to a VPN, you can enjoy all the streaming sites from everywhere including restricted content as well. You can use NordVPN on Firestick to bypass the geo-restricted apps. Now you might be speculating how to use NordVPN on Firestick. Here we have illuminated the methods of using this VPN on Firestick.

Can I Use a VPN on Amazon Firestick?

Yes, you can. As we mentioned before, Amazon Firestick lets you enjoy unlimited movies, series, Tv shows from different streaming sites. Unfortunately, most of the streaming content is geo-blocked. That means, you can get access to this streaming site only from some particular regions. For that reason, Firestick VPN comes in.

how to use NordVPN on Firestick

VPN encrypts your internet traffic and makes it believe to the content provider that you are located in another country or region. That makes it viable to unblock restricted sites including Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and many more. But remember that, you have to use a VPN that works perfectly; otherwise, there is a possibility to be blocked by the site’s authority.

How Do I Get NordVPN on My Firestick

Using NordVPN is not a complicated task on Firestick, because installing and using the procedure of the VPN is trouble free. Here in  this section, we’ll illustrate the processes of using NordVPN on Firestick step by step.

Use Nordvpn On Firestick

Step 1: First, connect the Firestcik on the HDMI port and then open it. Now, go to the homepage and press on the “search” option.

connect the Firestcik

Step 2: Type “NordVPN” in the search bar. After showing search results, tap on the NordVPN application thumbnail.

Type “NordVPN” in the search bar

Step 3: You will see the “Download” option below. Press on it and wait until finishing the process.


Step 4: Press on the “Open” option to use it. You will get the downloaded app on “your apps & games” option on the homepage.

Press on the “Open” option

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How To Use NordVPN On Firestick?

Connecting NordVPN on  Firestick is different from any other devices. Earlier, we have shown how to get NordVPN on your Firestick. In this section, we will show how to use NordVPN on Firestick to enjoy the restricted content from  the streaming sites.

How To Use NordVPN On Firestick

Step 1: First launch the downloaded NordVPN app from the homepages’ “your apps & games” option.

downloaded NordVPN app

Step 2: After launching the app, you will see two options Sign-In and Sign-Up. To get a new account  press on the “Sign-Up”. If you already have a NordVPN account, then click on the “Log-In” option.

click on the “Log-In” option.

Step 3: Before connecting to the servers, check the “Security Option.”Choose the “Speciality Server” or select “Auto Connect” from below.

Security Option.”Choose the “Speciality

Step 4: Press on the “Connect Now” option  or choose a certain country server that you would like to connect.

Connect Now

Step 5: You will see a new window, where you will be asked to Accept the connection request. Press on the “Ok” option.

Accept the connection request

NordVPN Review

NordVPN is considered one of the best reliable and secure that you can use for torrenting. It provides promising services with high speed internet connection. NordVPN has an extensive network of over 5000 plus servers located in 59 countries. Apart from the massive number of servers, it consists of some advanced features that make it popular.

nord vpn review

It follows the Strict no-logs Policy that means, it has no right to collect, share, or sell your data to the intruders. P2P server is available on this VPN that helps you to share large files without confronting trouble. No data leaks is another prominent feature of the application that protects your internet traffic.

With our exclusive Coupon Code, you can get up to 68% discount on 3 different subscription plans. It offers 30 days money back guarantee as well. So if you are not satisfied with its services, you can cancel the subscription and get your money back.

NordVPN Features:

  • It supports all OS operating systems including Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS.
  • A single account lets you connect 6 devices at once.
  • You can get access to the restricted sites and apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney, and so on.
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat or email.

Final Thought

We hope you have found how to use NordVPN on Firestick. NordVPN is more reliable and convenient than other VPNs on Firestick. Without facing any buffering issues, you can watch any video content from geo-blocked sites. For getting higher-security, you needn’t sacrifice internet speed.

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