How to Watch Hulu Outside the US with a VPN

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If you are reading this article, that means you know what Hulu is. Hulu is American biggest streaming site with 28.5 million subscribers. It offers a vast range of movies, tv-series, drama, & many more.  But the problem is Hulu uses geo-blocked systems for their content. Besides, it has no international plan, which means you can’t watch Hulu outside the US.

But every problem has a solution. If you are addicted to watching different genre films or TV series from Hulu, we are here to give you the best solution. As we mentioned earlier, Hulu is not available outside America, So you might be wondering what to do now.  Follow the article to know how to watch Hulu outside the US.

How to Watch Hulu Outside the US

There is the only way to watch Hulu outside the US. You can utilize a VPN to make Hulu think you are visiting the site from the US. VPN will help you switch your original IP and location, and then you can subscribe & watch Hulu’s content from outside the US. Here we will use ExpressVPN & show you the procedure of how to watch Hulu outside the US. So, let’s have a look & follow our instructions to enjoy Hulu from everywhere.

How to Watch Hulu Outside the US

Step 1: First, open any browsers on your device & visit the ExpressVPN official website.

How to Watch Hulu Outside the US

Step 2: Now notice the “ Get ExpressVPN” option below. Press on the option & you will see an interface like this.

How to Watch Hulu Outside the US

Step 3: From there, select a plan that will be appropriate for you & provide a Gmail account & then choose a payment option.

How to Watch Hulu Outside the US

Step 4: Tap on the “continue to” option & provide card information according to their requirements. If you choose PayPal, then log in to your Paypal account with your Email & password.

How to Watch Hulu Outside the US

Step 5: After submitting your card or Paypal account, you will see an activation code &  several download options. Click on a link according to the PC configuration.

How to Watch Hulu Outside the US

Step 6: Once it is downloaded, then open it on your PC & submit the activation code that you got before. Then connect to a US server that can unblock Hulu content.

How to Watch Hulu Outside the US

Step 7: Now open the Hulu app on your PC or visit its official website & log in with your ID password. Now enjoy your favorite movies and TV series from outside the US.

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Get Hulu Outside the United States Using Express VPN

If you are a Hulu subscriber from America & trying to watch Hulu content from abroad, this is quite hard. At that moment, you need a VPN that can unblock the Hulu content & give you full access to this site. We‘ll recommend you download ExpressVPN, which is considered the best Hulu unblocker.

Get Hulu Outside the United States Using Express VPN

Once you have the ExpressVPN on your device, then run it & connect to the American server. But remember that all the servers are not able to unblock the geo-restriction from Hulu. That’s why you may try different servers to check which one can unblock the site from abroad.

ExpressVPN enables you to visit the restricted site by hiding your original IP & location. That makes Hulu believe you are signing in from the United States & get access to the site. Remember that you must have a Hulu account to watch movies; otherwise, it is impossible even if you use a proxy server. The Hulu subscription fee is a bit costly.

Best VPNs to Get Hulu Outside the United States

Several VPNs are available on the internet. But you need to perceive which one is better to get Hulu outside America. You can’t use the free version VPs, because you can’t connect to the American server manually using the free VPN. For that reason, you need to choose a premium one. Below we’ll provide the complete review of the Best VPNs that you can utilize to enjoy Hulu.

Best VPNs to Get Hulu Outside the United States

1. ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN is contemplated as one of the prominent VPNs that can unblock all restricted websites & apps. It provides a superfast download speed. If you ever face slow internet speed after using a VPN, then you can check out ExpressVPN. It includes a zero-logs policy that ensures that it doesn’t track any activities that you do online.


AES-256 encryption has been used on this VPN as one of the leading features with OpenVPN protocol. It contains a DNS server & kills switch option as well. The kill switch feature helps you most when the VPN connection drops; it instantly disconnects your internet connection.

ExpressVPN has a massive number of VPN servers. It has 3000 plus servers in 160 locations in 94 countries, covering all continents. Native application of the VPN is available for all platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, & android operating systems. The interface of the VPN is also user-friendly & straightforward.

Bottom Line

  1. 24/7 live chat support with real humans via Email to help you with troubleshooting & setup.
  2. It offers a 30 days money-back guarantee. If you are not pleased with ExpressVPN, they will refund your payment.
  3. It uses OpenVPN protocol that helps to gain access to L2TP, SSTP, & PPTP.

2. CyberGhost Review

cyberGhost is a complete VPN package that gives, best privacy, high speed, & low price. Your internet privacy is the first priority of this VPN. Using the VPN, you can anonymously visit geo-restricted websites or apps. For strong security, it uses AES-256 bit encryption. That means your data is secured with 256 character-long passwords.


CyberGhost VPN is well-known for its enormous VPN servers. It owns 6800 plus VPN servers placed in 90 countries. For this vast number of servers, you can connect & visit any website that has geo-restricted protection.  Cyber ghost uses the most strong secure protocols like L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2/IPSec.

One of the VPN’s significant parts is that it provides a dedicated server that you can use for visiting torrent sites. It works on all devices such as Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, & Linux.  Moreover, the VPN interface is straightforward; even if you didn’t use a VPN  earlier, it wouldn’t take you more time to set up.

Bottom Line

  1. It has a kill switch feature that keeps you safe when VPN connections drop.
  2. CyberGhost offers a 45 days money-back guarantee. If you are not delighted with it, they will refund your money.
  3. It has a no-logs policy that means your internet activity won’t be tracked.

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3. NordVPN Review

NordVPN is the most reliable & fastest VPN you can purchase. Using the VPN, you can easily access any kinds of streaming sites, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney + & many more. It uses standard AES-256-CBC to safeguard your internet privacy. Besides, it utilized the OpenVPN protocol, which is considered the most secure.

NordVPN Review

NordVPN has 5445 servers located in 59 countries worldwide & supports almost all platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux. It also has native applications for that platform. Using a single NordVPN account, you can protect 6 devices at a time without facing any issues.

Using NordVPN, you can watch 4k & HD content from the streaming sites smoothly because it provides the fastest internet speed. It also offers dedicated servers to visit geo-restricted sites, including Netflix, Hulu, & torrent sites. So download the app, & experience the Best services.

Bottom Line

  1. When you visit streaming sites to watch films or series, it ensures uninterrupted streaming.
  2. You can change your IP twice & cover your internet traffic with double-layer security.
  3. The browser extension of the VPN is available for Chrome & Firefox.

4. Surfshark Review

Though the SurfShark VPN looks simple, it is developed with advanced technology. It uses a wireguard, a strong protocol that you won’t get in others’ VPN.  Because of the wireguard feature, it performs better & gives strong privacy. It also safeguards you from inappropriate ads & malware.


It performs well with all operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, & iOS. This VPN is even compatible with different routers & you will get the native application for several OS also. If you are an Android or iOS user, you can download it from the Android play store &  Apple app store. In contrast, Windows & Mac users can download the app from its official websites.

You can now download the SurfShark app from its official site with a discount offer. If you choose a 24 months plan, you will get an 83% discount with extra 3 months of free services. It also offers a 30 days money-back guarantee. So if you notice that you are not delighted with this VPN, you can cancel your subscription.

Bottom Line

  1. It has 3200 plus servers placed in 65 So you can connect with unlimited servers.
  2. Private DNS on each server is available to ensure your internet security firmly.
  3. User-friendly interface, that’s why everyone can use it without any hassle.

5. PrivateVPN Review

Private internet access is one of the oldest VPNs. In recent, it updated its protocol with a wireguard to ensure a convenient & smooth internet connection. To get a user-friendly interface, unlimited bandwidth, super-fast speed(especially for a United States server), you can use PrivateVPN.

It won’t provide you dedicated IP, but you will get a split tunneling system to configure this VPN to route internet traffic. As a result, you get better internet speed while browsing the internet. The VPN’s main attraction is that you can connect to the 6 devices at once with a single PrivateVPN account.

It uses AES-128 data encryption & RSA-2048 for data authentication. You can change this data encryption by switching UDP to TCP & it can be altered to AES-256. Encryption AES-256 provides little more internet security. So download the oldest VPN and enjoy the best services of it.

Bottom Line

  1. You can unblock the geographical restriction by using the VPN. It has 150 Servers located in 60 Countries.
  2. Browse websites or apps unknowingly with a private IP.
  3. It includes a DNS leak blocking & kill switch option to keep your data safe.

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Final Thought

In the above, we have illustrated how to Watch Hulu Outside the US using ExpressVPN. Hulu is a leading movie streaming site to enjoy different genre movies or tv series. But it is not available outside the US. If you follow our instructions that we pointed up above, you can easily watch Hulu websites outside the US. Even then, if you face any troubleshooting or setup issues, let us know in the comment section below.

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