How to Watch Netflix Outside the US in 2021?

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Definitely, Netflix is one of the well-known streaming sites on the internet with nearly 200 million subscribers. This streaming site is now available for 190 countries worldwide. But Netflix doesn’t display the same content worldwide. The people of the US can enjoy the best services of it. Almost 7000 plus content available for the US subscriber, which is comparatively higher than other countries.

In several ways, you can watch Netflix outside the US with almost all content. There are two ways to watch Netflix. One is a stream locator router & the other one is a VPN.  These ways are reliable to make Netflix think you are living in the US & enables you to watch great movies & Tv shows. In this context, we’ll discuss the solution of how to watch Netflix outside the US.

How to Watch Netflix Outside the US

Have you ever wanted to watch a movie or tv show & suddenly find the content is not available? If you face that problem, we are here to give you the solution. As we mentioned earlier, Netflix uses a geo-restriction system to make different libraries for different countries. That’s why sometimes you can’t watch your favorite shows from your region. Here we’ll explain the procedure of watching Netflix outside the US by using ExpressVPN.

How to Watch Netflix Outside the US

Step 1:

First, open your Chrome or other browsers that you use & search ExpressVPN on Google. Go to its official website link to download.

How to Watch Netflix Outside the US

Step 2:

After visiting the official Website, you will see the “Get ExpressVPN” option. Click on the Option & choose a subscription plan that you need & provide an Email account.

How to Watch Netflix Outside the US

Step 3:

Once you selected the plan, now select the payment method. To make your payment you can use VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, or Bitcoin.

How to Watch Netflix Outside the US

Step 4:

After selecting the payment method, you need to provide some information like card number, card expiry date, etc. If you choose PayPal, you need to log in to your PayPal account.

How to Watch Netflix Outside the US

Step 5:

Now you will get a download option with an activation code. You will notice several download options. You need to press on the accurate one based on your PC’s configuration.

How to Watch Netflix Outside the US

Step 6:

Once the setup file is downloaded, run it on your PC to install. After finishing the download process, submit the activation code.

How to Watch Netflix Outside the US

Step 7:

Connect to the VPN US proxy server. After connecting, open the Netflix app & login with your Email & password.

How to Watch Netflix Outside the US

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How Can I Change Netflix Region or Country?

If you are wondering about how you can switch Netflix’s country, here we are to solve your problem. Netflix has no option to change the location manually. It provides you the content according to your IP address. So VPN is the only way to change your location.

How Can I Change Netflix Region or Country

Using the VPN, you can connect to the US server & make Netflix think you are logging in from the US.  VPN enables you to mask your real IP & provide the fake one. Here we‘ll describe step by step how you can change the Netflix region.

Step 1: Download & install Express VPN. You can follow the procedure that we mentioned above to download the VPN.

Step 2: After accomplishing the download & installation process, tap on the “select location option & connect to a country you want. To experience the finest internet speed, you can choose the closest server.

Step 3: Now press the “connect” button. Once it turns green, you are prepared to use it.

Step 4: Open the Netflix app & watch your favorite movies, Tv series, Tv shows.

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Why You Need a VPN to Watch Netflix Outside the US

You can subscribe to Netflix from 190 countries, but you can’t get similar content worldwide. It happens due to copyright laws and agreements. It is known that big movie studios invest millions of dollars to make movies or Tv series. They release films according to the audience’s demand.

Why You Need a VPN to Watch Netflix Outside the US

Suppose a tv series that was very popular in America might be boring in Canada, & a Canadian hit comedy film might not be so funny to theUS audiences. Studios & Netflix both know this. That’s why sometimes they charge an extra amount of money on specific content in particular regions compared to others.

If you would like to avoid these types of issues & want to enjoy different countries’ contents, you have to use a VPN. With the VPN’s help, you can connect to the various servers & watch enormous content worldwide.

Best VPNs to Watch Netflix Outside the US in 2021

Several websites are available on the internet that you can use to watch Netflix outside the US in 2021. But remember that if you use the free VPN, you can’t connect to your desired servers because it connects you automatically. That’s why you need to select the VPN with the premium version. Below, we’ll illustrate the 5 best VPN & their features.

Best VPNs to Watch Netflix Outside the US

1. ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN is considered the best VPN for its promising features & services. There is no doubt that it is the most desired Netflix unblocker right now on the internet. It supports almost all platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS. Besides, you connect the 5 devices at a time with a single subscription.


ExpressVPN offers you a user-friendly interface. As a result, if you didn’t use a VPN earlier, it won’t take you more time to start. Once you connect to the proxy server, you will experience a high-speed internet connection using the VPN. If you ever face a slow internet connection using a VPN, you can try this out.

ExpressVPN has 3000 plus servers in 160 server locations in 94 countries. For a considerable number of servers, you can visit online streaming sites, blocked or restricted websites from almost all countries anonymously. Moreover, to ensure your online security, it uses the (AES) with 256-bit keys encryption system.

  • 24/7 live chat customer support via Email
  • Doesn’t reveal your real IP
  • Kill switch feature
  • Runs Private encrypted DNS
  • Rare dropped connection
  • Fairly expensive

2. CyberGhost Review

If you are not pleased with ExpressVPN service, then try this out as an alternative. It provides excellent user-friendly native apps for several platforms & offers unlimited bandwidth with a high-speed connection. The prominent unit of the VPN is, it supports up to 7 devices at once.


The proxy server network of the VPN is much more extensive than ExpressVPN. It includes 6800 plus servers in 90 countries all over the world. As a result, you can surf the internet by setting up any servers worldwide. Moreover, it has dedicated streaming servers that help you to watch Netflix US.

To ensure strong security, CyberGhost uses  AES 256-bit cipher with a 4096-bit RSA key encryption system. SHA256 has been used for authentication of the VPN.  It also has military-grade encryption with 256 bit cheaper that is most popular among the users. You can purchase a plan now with an 83% discount & 45 days money-back guarantee from its official site.

  • IP leaks & DNS protection
  • No logs policy
  • Available apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Competitive prices
  • Comparatively slow to assemble connections
  • Limited payment options

3. NordVPN Review

NordVPN is mostly known for its large number of proxy servers & zero logs policy. It includes 5200 servers in 62 countries with unlimited bandwidth around the world. We can also assure you that, using the VPN, you can easily watch HD & 4k contents. It establishes the fastest internet connection, as well.

NordVPN Review

With a single NordVPN account, you can connect to the 6 devices at once, which is contemplated good for shared Netflix accounts. Using NordVPN, you can get a dedicated IP to visit streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, Disney plus. In a word, it is one of the best Netflix unblockers.

To ensure security, ts uses AES-256-GCM encryption with a 4096-bit DH key. So, you don’t need to be anxious about safety while surfing the internet. Even your internet service provider can’t track you or sell your personal information to the advertiser. Download this VPN & select 2 years plan to get 68% off with a 3-month extra service.

  • Uninterrupted streaming from everywhere
  • Share big files with no issues
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Browser extensions available
  • Configuration is a little tough
  • Comparatively expensive

4. Surfshark Review

SurfShark looks simple, but it is designed with advanced technology. It is the latest VPN that has included wireguard, a robust VPN protocol that you won’t get on other VPNs. Wireguard is easier, performs faster, & offers strong privacy. It also safeguards you from irrelevant ads & malware.


It is supportable with all platforms like Linux, iOS, Mac, Windows, & Android. It even supports different types of routers. You will get the native application of the app for various platforms also. For Android & iOS, you can download the application from the play store & app store. On the other hand. For Windows, Mac, & Linux, you can download the VPN with its official site by choosing a purchase plan.

Now you can download the VPN from its official website to get an 83% discount in a 24 months Plan. If you purchase this plan, you will get extra 3 months of free services also. If you notice that you are not satisfied with the VPN’s service, you can cancel your subscription & get back your money. It offers 30 days money-back guarantee service.

  • Protects personal data using AES-256-GCM encryption.
  • Utilize SurfShark in restricted areas.
  • Connect multiple countries at once
  • Leak protection & Private DNS
  • Limited P2P servers
  • Dedicated IP address not available

5. PrivateVPN Review

Private Internet is considered one of the oldest VPNs. Recently it has updated its internet protocol with a wire guard that ensures smooth & convenient internet connection. It provides a user-friendly interface, unlimited bandwidthfast speeds(especially for United States servers)


You won’t get dedicated IPs on this VPN, but it has a split tunneling system. It means you can configure this VPN only to route Netflix traffic so that you can get better speed. The best part about the app is that you can connect to the 10 devices simultaneously with a single private VPN account. This can be routers, computers, or smartphones.

By default, you will get AES-128 data encryption RSA-2048 for data authentication. You can change this encryption by switching UDP(User Datagram Protocol) to TCP(Transmission Control Protocol) & it can be altered to AES-256. Encryption AES-256 ensures a little more internet privacy.

  • Unlock geographical restriction
  • Browse unknowingly with a private IP
  • Block malware & ads
  • 20367 plus Servers in 76 Countries
  • Limites Streaming options
  • No live chat support

Final Verdict

In the above, we have pointed up how to Watch Netflix Outside the US using ExpressVPN. If you would like to log in to Netflix from outside the US, you can follow our process as we mentioned above. Using a VPN, you can visit and watch the restricted American content from your device without confronting any hassle. So choose your best VPN & enjoy a vast range of content from everywhere.

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