How to Watch PPV on Sportsdevil – Step By Step

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PPV  is known as pay per view. It is a new concept in the online streaming industry where you have to pay for enjoying the content. You can’t find the PPV service at all events. Mostly, UCF, Boxing, and MMA events confer the opportunity of pay per view. You will find many people around you who are addicted to sports and can’t miss any matches. For them, PPV is an excellent service.

Now you can watch PPV on Kodi with the Sportsdevil add-ons. Sportsdevil is one of the leading add-ons for streaming sports channels. It has a unique framework that makes it popular to the user. However, in this context, we are going to illustrate How to Watch PPV on Sportsdevil add-ons. So stay tuned and grab the instructions as we are going to illuminate.

How to Watch PPV on Sportsdevil

If you would like to watch PPV content, we recommend using a VPN. PPV uses geo-restrictions on their content; that’s why everyone can’t get access to enjoy live sports. To avoid geo-restrictions, you must use a VPN that allows you to encrypt your connection. Besides, VPN hides your real IP and provides the fake one to access the blocked sites.

How to Watch PPV on Sportsdevil

Though several VPNs are available, here we’ll show How to Watch PPV on Sportsdevil using ExpressVPN. If you want, you can use another VPN as well, such as NordVPN, SurfShark, or CyberGhost. But we prefer ExpressVPN because it is convenient to use and has some powerful features like dedicated servers.

Step1: First, Go to the ExpressVPN official website and select a Plan that you would like to purchase. Now Sign-Up by providing some information including, Email, Card Number.

ExpressVPN official website

Step2: After purchasing a plan, download & install the ExpressVPN on your device. You will get an activation code before downloading the app. Copy it and submit it next to activate.

activation code

Step3: Once the ExpressVPN is installed on your device, launch it and Sign-in with your Email and password. Then submit the activation code that you copied and click on the “Continue” option.


Step4: Now press on the large “ON” button and select the server that you would like to connect. For watching PPV, choose an American Server.

choose an American Server.

Step5: Now open the Kodi application and navigate to the “System Screen,” and then select the “Add-ons” option.

System Screen

Step6: From the next interface, select the “Install from Repository” option.

Install from Repository

Step7: Select “cy4root repository” and then choose “Video add-ons.”

cy4root repository” and then choose

Step8: Now from the add-ons list, select the “SportsDevil.”


Step9: Press on the “Install” option from the below.


Once it is installed, you will get a pop-up message and then enjoy PPV live sports on Sportsdevil.

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Best VPNs to Watch PPV on Sportsdevil

Several VPNs are available, but you will get a few VPNs that work excellent. Almost all the VPN claims that they provide promising service, but actually, they are not. That’s why you need to pick the convenient one that offers impressive features and robust security protocol. In this context, we’ll give a complete review of some of the leading VPNs.

1. ExpressVPN Review in 2021

ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPN. It contains 3000 plus VPN servers in 160 locations in 90 countries. It not only provides a vast range of VPN servers but also ensures internet security firmly. AES-256 military guard encryption has been used in this VPN to safeguard user’s online activities

ExpressVPN Review

Apart from the robust security protocol, it has network lock kill switch features that ensure security while the connection drops out. Split tunneling is another prominent feature of the application. With the feature’s help, you can watch foreign movies from the streaming site with the local IP addresses.

So, why are you still late?  Download the Express VPN and get up to a 49% discount by using this promo code.

ExpressVPN Summery

  1. You can stream geo-blocked websites and apps with ExpressVPN.
  2. It is compatible with all OS platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux.
  3. No-logs policy has been approved so that none can track your internet activities.

2. CyberGhost Review In 2021

If you are not pleased with ExpressVPN services, then you can use CyberGhost. It is mostly known for its enormous servers.  CyberGhost consists of 6500 servers in 88 countries that can easily connect to torrenting and streaming blocked sites. The security protocol of this VPN is robust. It uses the AES-256 military protocol that is unbreakable.

CyberGhost Review

Wireguard has been used in this VPN as the fastest protocol that ensures the speed of internet connection. It offers dedicated IPs as well. This VPN is compatible with all platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, Apple Smart TV, and many more. The VPN’s interface is convenient and uncomplicated. Thus,anyone can use it.

You can get the best services of the VPN at a low-cost. Use the coupon code and get an 83% discount on a 3 years plan.

CyberGhost Summery

  1. A single account lets you opportunity to connect7 devices simultaneously.
  2. It works well for torrenting and watching Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and so on.
  3. CyberGhost provides particular streaming and downloading servers.

3. NordVPN Review in 2021

If you want to get both a speed internet connection and robust security protocol, you can use NordVPN. It confers the speediest internet connection and safeguards your data non-stop. AES-256 has been used in this VPN as a data encryption protocol, and RSA-4096 has been used as control channel encryption. So you can surf the internet without thinking about internet privacy.

NordVPN Review

It has some incredible features that make it popular among the users. It can block malware and unwanted ads. P2P sharing is the most prominent feature that allows you to share large files in the fastest and convenient way. You can connect to the 6 devices individually at once with a single NordVPN account.

Purchase a 2 years subscription plan and get a 68% discount by using this promo code. You will get extra 3 months of free services.

NordVPN Summery

  1. It can unblock sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Kodi, and many more.
  2. NordVPN has an extensive network of over 5000 plus servers in 59 countries worldwide.
  3. You can stream HD content without confronting any buffering issues.

4. SurfShark Review in 2021

SurfShark is a lightweight VPN that offers extensive collections of features. With the help of the VPN, you can visit geo-restricted websites and apps. You can use this VPN on all platforms, including Amazon Fire Tv, Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android. It has some eye-catching features like a kill switch option, Multihop, and a strict no-logs policy.

SurfShark Review

It provides Private DNS servers instead of public ones. So you needn’t be worried about your internet privacy. It uses AES-256 encryption, which is contemplated as unbreakable. IKEv2/IPsec protocol has been used as a default internet protocol. Camouflage Mode is another exciting feature of the VPN that makes sure your ISP can’t notice that you are using a VPN.

Using this promo code, you can enjoy an 83% discount on a 2 years subscription plan.

SurfShark Summery

  1. It has NoBorder Mode that allows you to use ShurShark in restricted areas.
  2. You connect unlimited devices with a single SurfShark Account.
  3. SurfShark provides 24/7 live chat customer support.

5. PrivateVPN Review in 2021

Private VPN is considered one of the best VPN for privacy, security, and streaming. It is true that it has only 100 plus servers in 60 countries but provides promising services. With the VPN’s help, you can stream the geo-blocked website, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney.

PrivateVPN Review

It contains some incredible features. IPv6 Leak Protection is one of them which protects your privacy even after dropping the VPN connection. This application is compatible with all operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS. The native application of this VPN is also available for all OS.

By using our Coupon Code, you can get  65% off on a 24-months plan. It offers 30 money-back guarantees as well.

PrivateVPN Summery

  1. You will get the maximum speed for internet browsing.
  2. It uses the highest level of encryption, the AES-256 bit.
  3. Kill switch feature that protects your internet surfing while connection drops out.

Final Thought

In the above, we have pointed up How to Watch PPV on Sportsdevil. By following the procedures as we mentioned earlier, you can easily watch PPV on Sportsdevil add-ons. However, for any further queries about this topic, inform us by dropping your comments below. We’ll try to provide you the solution.

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