How to Watch Syfy Outside US Using VPN

Syfy is a US-based TV network and streaming service that mainly focuses on science fiction and fantasy TV shows. This TV channel and streaming service are primarily developed for the US audience. Due to this channel’s quality content, people worldwide want to access Syfy and want to stream its content.

But the issue is Syfy is geographically blocked, and you’ll need a US IP to access and enjoy this service. In that case, a quality VPN can help you the most and it will help you to stream Syfy from anywhere. Here we are going to guide on How to Watch Syfy Outside US with a quality VPN service.

How to Watch Syfy Outside US

You need to have a US IP address to access Syfy from outside of the US. And a quality VPN can let you get a premium quality stable IP address. So if you want to know How to Watch Syfy Outside US with a VPN, follow below. Here we are going to use ExpressVPN to show you the procedure.

Step 1: Get ExpressVPN from its official website.

How to Watch Syfy Outside US

Step 2: Install it on your device through the downloaded .exe file.

How to Watch Syfy Outside US

Step 3: Once you completed the installation process now open it.

Step 4: Now, use your credentials information to login. Or you can create a new account by clicking on “Get ExpressVPN.”

How to Watch Syfy Outside US

Step 5: After successful login to ExpressVPN, now select a US server from the server list or menu bar.

How to Watch Syfy Outside US

Step 6: Now go to the official website of Syfy and start streaming your favorite content from any corner of this world.

How to Watch Syfy Outside US

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What are the Best Streaming Services for Watching Syfy globally?

Syfy is an American TV network. Along with watching it through a cable operating system, you can also stream it on several streaming sites. Here we have listed some of the popular streaming sites that will help you to stream Syfy from anywhere. Remember most of them require a local payment method and subscription fee.

What are the Best Streaming Services for Watching Syfy globally?

1. Syfy on Hulu + Live TV

Hulu is a famous streaming service that offers thousands of TV networks including Syfy. It is a premium quality streaming service that offers an affordable subscription fee with a free trial system.

2. Syfy on Sling

For streaming Syfy, Sling TV can be the best option. It offers a low subscription fee to watch numerous  TV channels. Therefore you can easily access Sling TV and start streaming Syfy from there.

3. Syfy on FuboTV

Fubo TV also can be a good option for streaming Syfy from anywhere. It is also a premium quality streaming service that offers a subscription fee with a free trial system.

4. Watch Syfy with TVision

By paying a subscription fee, you can stream Syfy and 30 other channels on TVision. This streaming site does not offer a free trial, so simply you have to buy a subscription fee and start enjoying Syfy live.

5. Syfy on YouTubeTV

YouTubeTV also streams Syfy live with a monthly subscription fee. It is also a premium quality streaming service that offers a lot of live TV streaming services along with Syfy.

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Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Syfy From Anywhere?

Syfy is an American TV service that is available in the US. Therefore, people who live outside of the US may not be able to stream Syfy because of geo-restrictions. Currently, if you are traveling outside of the US, then what are you gonna do about it?

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Syfy From Anywhere?

Well, in that case, you have to use a quality VPN service to access Syfy from everywhere. It will change your IP address and replace it with a US IP address. Therefore, along with Syfy, you can gain access to all US-related content. A VPN will provide you quality streaming service and let you enjoy Syfy without any interpretation.

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Top 3 Recommended VPN For Watch Syfy Outside US

You have to find out the best VPN service to access and stream Syfy outside of the US. here we have included the top 3 VPN that will help you to stream Syfy with ease.

1. ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN is one of the top-quality VPN that offers superior VPN service. It is packed with heavy military-guarded encryption and online security features. Here you will find more than 3000+ servers in 160 locations in different 94 countries. Moreover, ExpressVPN also contains a huge server in 13 US cities.


These plentiful servers are capable enough to bypass Syfy’s geographical restrictions. Along with accessing Syfy, you can also be able to access Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, BBC iPlayer and so on. So it will be a total worth of money to purchase a subscription to ExpressVPN.

All your online traffic or activities will be completely safe and secure because of ExpressVPN’s top-notch security features. It is packed with a strict no-logs policy and a built-in kill switch option. So no matter what you will do online, ExpressVPN will always hide all your activities.

  • Anonymous online surfing
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 5 device usability
  • Maximum 135 Mbps streaming speed
  • Secure torrenting
  • 30-day money-back policy
  • It is a bit pricey than its opponents.

You can enjoy a super discount offer while purchasing plans through using this coupon code. So that you can enjoy 49% off with a 3 month extra on 1 year plan.

2. CyberGhost Review

CyberGhost has been around for many years and offers premium VPN services. It is popular for providing speedy, robust, and super-fast connections around the world. CyberGhost is a fully featured VPN, and its geo-block restriction breaking capability is among the best in the business.


It has 6700 servers in 89 countries, including 1129 servers in 11 cities in the United States. So, CyberGhost could be the trump card for breaking land sanctions. So you can easily access premium streaming sites, including Syfy, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and more.

CyberGhost VPN will aslo secure your online activities, necessary credentials and your device through it’s quality security features. This VPN has anti-malware defense and also an adblocker. You will also find DNS leak protection and a 256-AES encryption protection system. In short, CyberGhost can be the best option for streaming Syfy from outside of the US.

  • OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard protocols
  • Unlimited bandwidth and speed
  • Zero logs policy
  • Use 7 devices with a single account
  • 24/7 live customer support service
  • 45-day money-back policy
  • Some servers can cause a slow data connection

CyberGhost currently offers an 83% discount on its 3 year plan with 3 month extra. You can enjoy this deal by using this coupon code.

3. SurfShark Review

SurfShark is a solid all-rounder VPN service that is combined with both speed and safety. It delivers fully featured online security with strong encryption, DNS leak protection and a kill switch. Currently, SurfShark is offering more than 3200+ servers in 65 countries.


It has 500 servers in 20 US cities, so it can be the best option for streaming Syfy without any interpretation. Moreover, you can also enjoy US Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, BBC iPlayer and many more. You can enjoy all the streaming services with this VPN’s maximum of 71.03 Mbps speed.

SurfShark VPN will let you enjoy the online with super protection and without any restrictions. It offers a camouflage mode and also has built-in IKEv2/IPsec and OpenVPN protocols. The most unique side of SurfShark VPN is it will let you connect with unlimited devices, because of its no limitation policy. So you can access Syfy from an unlimited device and enjoy internet freedom with no limitation.

  • Malware protection
  • Zero logs policy
  • A built-in kill switch
  • AES-256-GCM encryption
  • 24/7 live customer support service
  • 30-day money-back policy
  • Limited P2P and torrenting servers

Get SurfShark VPN today by using this coupon code. So you can enjoy 50% to 81% discount with a 30-day guaranteed money-back policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You may have several questions about streaming Syfy with a VPN service. For that, here we have included some questions and answers that are frequently asked by several users.

Is Syfy On Amazon Prime?

Along with Syfy’s official website, you can also view the unique content of Syfy on Amazon Prime.  This streaming site contains most of the streaming service Syfy.

Can You Watch Syfy In The UK?

If you are currently living in the UK and want to stream Syfy, use a VPN service. A quality VPN will let you access Syfy by adopting a US IP address.

Is Syfy Available In Canada?

Same for Canada too. You must need to use a premium quality VPN to access Syfy from outside of the US.

Can I use a free VPN to access Syfy?

You must have to use a quality VPN to access Syfy. Because free VPN does not offer strong restriction bypassing ability to avoid internet firewalls and censorship. Most also do not have an encryption policy too.

What I can stream on Syfy?

Once you gain access to Syfy, then you can enjoy all the content of it without any restrictions. Here are popular titles of Syfy, have a look.

  • Gary and his Demons
  • San Andreas
  • Hellboy
  • Alien News Desk
  • Krypton Happy


Accessing Syfy and streaming to its content is something that many people want to experience. But as you know, it is only available in the US and also restricted to watch outside of the US at the same time. Therefore, you just have to use a quality VPN to stream Syfy from outside of the US.

We like to suggest a reliable, fast, and fully-featured ExpressVPN access Syfy from anywhere. However, above we have shown How to Watch Syfy Outside US with a VPN and many additional details of it. We hope you find this article helpful and thanks for reading it till the end.

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