How To Watch Westworld In Canada Free (Step By Step)

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The Westworld is an American science fiction Tv series that was started in 2016. The series consists of three different seasons. From the launching day, the series became popular among the people for its artificial consciousness. If you are a fan of this series or hear about it, it’s time to watch this magnificent Science Fiction.

HBO Max is the official broadcasting partner of this series. That provides free streaming services around the world. But in Canada, this series doesn’t air on HBO Max. If you are thinking about how to watch Westworld in Canada free, we have a possible guideline for your concern.

In this write-up, we will depict how this is manageable with a VPN. For your betterness, we will give you an overall description of some top-aired VPN with exclusive features.

How To Watch Westworld in Canada Free

To watch HBO’s most trending series, Westland’s all episode; you need an HBO Max subscription package. But unfortunately, Canadian people are not allowed to watch Westlands on HBO Max. Because the geo-restriction policy of this series creates obstacles in this issue. But as we said earlier, there is a simple trick to watch Westworld in Canada.

how to watch Westworld in Canada free

Here are the steps you need to follow on How to Watch Westworld in Canada Free

Step 1: Register to a VPN service with a subscription plan. We suggest ExpressVPN. The success rate of this VPN is 100%

Register VPN service

Step 2: Download and Install the VPN application on your device. You can put on an ExpressVPN extension on your web browser also.


Download Install VPN

Step 3: With your email and password, which you have given while register, Sign in to the ExpressVPN application.

ExpressVPN application

Step 4: Choose a US-Based server from the servers list and connect with that.

connect US-Based server

Step 5: Go to the official website of HBO Max and Search for Westworld and Watch without any complexity.

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What Is the Best VPN for Watch Westworld in Canada Free

To access a streaming site with a high-security system like HBO Max, you should choose wisely because there are lots of VPN available nowadays. All those VPNs don’t fulfill the criteria that you need.

If you are thinking about a free VPN to access HBO Max, it’s out of the way. HBO Max can detect the IP which is provided by a free VPN service. And they block your IP permanently.

So, all you need is a Secure paid VPN to watch Westworld from Canada. Here are some top-aired VPN services which you should try.

1. ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN is the most trending VPN. This VPN has a 100% success rate without any interruption. The security and speedest connection of this VPN is comparatively better than any other VPN services. That’s why it is our first recommendation.

express vpn review

ExpressVPN has servers from 94 countries. They use 160 different locations and over 3000 servers to provide a secure service. ExpressVPN has a global coverage of servers. You can browse with greater privacy with an anonymous identity.

ExpressVPN support all major platform like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, OS. This VPN has 99.99% uptime for all the platforms. ExpressVPN is best in class encryption. They use 256-bit-keys AES- Military guard encryption to guard your data.

ExpressVPN allows their user to switch unlimited server locations with the facility of using unlimited bandwidth and traffic. ExpressVPN has a no-log policy. In this policy, your traffic will not show by any third parties.

ExpressVPN support split tunneling. In this mode, your traffic will go by a route rather than it connects directly. There is a speed test meter in this VPN by which you can test your download and browsing speed.

Using this coupon code, you can get a 35% off and 30 days money back offer in ExpressVPN.

2. CyberGhost Review

The security system of CyberGhost VPN is undeniable. This VPN ensures 100% security in the online world. There is a feature in this VPN called one-click anonymity, which makes your identity invisible in an easy way.

CyberGhost Review

The number of servers of CyberGhost is almost 6900, and they use 111 different locations. CyberGhost has servers from 89 countries along with all continents. The highest number of their servers makes your browsing globally.

CyberGhost has the strongest encryption, and they have 256-bit keys military encryption, which the US Government also follows to classified information. CyberGhost, no logs policy, will ensure you that your traffic will not read by anyone. They will keep it safe always.

CyberGhost has wifi protection concerning your security. When you connect over a CyberGhost VPN, your local internet provider will not know you are using a VPN. They have ensured a secure and uninterrupted connection for every server you use. You can enjoy buffering free streaming sites as well.

CyberGhost has DNS & IP Leak protection. It forces your system to use CyberGhost DNS to secure your connection. They have 24/7 customer support for users.

If you decide about CyberGhost, use a coupon code while purchasing, get 83% off, and a money-back offer for 45 days.

3. NordVPN Review

NordVPN is our recommendation list for various reasons. This VPN has enormous exclusive features. All the features are updated and useful and it is considered as a secure VPN.

NordVPN Review

NordVPN has 5524 servers from 59 countries. And the maximum number of servers are from the UK and USA. It offers a 30 days trial for every user. NordVPN doesn’t compromise with the logs policy. They obey the no logs policy strictly.

Obfuscated servers of NordVPN will hide your internet traffic with maximum security. NordVPN allows the use of one account on six different devices. Besides, it will ensure all the same security for all the devices.

NordVPN will protect your data every time from being leaked. NordVPN can break the geo-restriction policy for every site. And can give you access without any complexity. They have offered a dedicated IP for every user.

In NordVPN your Internet Protocol will musk in two ways, Onion over VPN. Onion over VPN is a system by which your traffic will go by a tunnel of Tor browser. NordVPN’s all servers are P2P friendly.

Get 68% off and 30 days money back offer by using a coupon code in NordVPN.

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Frequently Asked Question

Different people have different minds. That’s why the variety in all things. People often asked those questions about Westland.

How Can I Watch Westworld in Canada?

You can watch Westlands in Canada on HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Vudu by using a VPN server.

Can I Watch Westworld on Netflix?

Since Westlands is a series for HBO Max it’s not available on Netflix. You can reach it on other streaming websites.

Is Westworld Free on HBO Max?

Not at all. With a purchase plan, you will able to watch Westworld’s all season on HBO Max.

Is Westworld Worth Watching?

Yes, It’s worth watching. Because it’s a series of Science Fiction. That contains amazing visuals of technology and graphics, you can watch Westworld.

How Many Episodes Westworld’s Have?

Westworld’s have twenty-eight different episodes with different tittle. And this series has three-season.

Final Thought

Undoubtedly, Westlands is the most watched science fiction of that time. There should be no bound or obstacles to watching it. After going through this article, how to watch Westworld in Canada for free, is not a question anymore we hope.

Follow our procedure and choose a VPN from the recommendation. Because we have enlisted that VPN by examining all the details. This VPN has the feature that you are looking for.If you have any remarks or opinions on this matter you can put your opinion. Our expert team will reply to you ASAP.

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