Ipvanish Vs Expressvpn: Which Provider Should You Get?

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A virtual private network called a vpn generates a stable connection to another network over the internet. It can be used to navigate restricted websites and secure browsing activity. This makes it more complicated for third parties to monitor your activities online and steal your information. Ipvanish Vs Expressvpn is two of the most popular names in the fields of online privacy and security.

These two vpns are the most popular and well-respected vpns available. Both providers have strong public wifi security. Here we discuss the selection of the essential areas of each other. To help you make a decision, we will look at privacy, speed, website unblocking, and many more.

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Comparison Table For Quick Choice:

The two VPN providers are well known for their service. Here’s an overview of our comparison of IPVanish vs Express.

Factors Ipvanish ExpressVPN
Jurisdiction USA British Virgins Islands
Logging Policy No logs No logs
Server Network 1,600+ 3,000+
Torrenting Supported Supported
Speed Average 52 Mbps Average 135 Mbps
Encryption Type AES 256-bit AES-256-bit
Countries Served 75+ Locations 94 Locations

Ipvanish vs Expressvpn: Special Differences

IPVanish and ExpressVPN are both excellent VPN providers, but what is best for the normal user? To find out, we looked at both VPN services and compared their success in several ways. This encouraged us to measure the advantages of one against the other precisely and equally. Take a look at Ipvanish vs expressvpn difference.

1. Features


  • Obfuscation – This functionality helps users to connect servers with VPN blocks, such as China.
  • IP and DNS leak protection – Makes sure that no DNS information is leaked in the event of a crash. This confirms that the name of the client will still stay secret.
  • Kill switch – Cut the devices off the internet when the VPN app fails or stops functioning.
  • Simultaneous Connections – IPVanish supports up to 10 simultaneous connections. So, connect your laptop, iPhone, tablet, router, etc.
  • Access Kodi Add-ons – This VPN helps you watch free movies and TV shows using Kodi on your Firestick.

Express VPN:

  • Media Streamer – Express VPN enables users to use those devices which don’t usually support it, such as Smart TVs.
  • Extension – This VPN provides great plugin options for all browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.
  • Works in China –In comparison to many other VPNs, ExpressVPN runs in China without any issues.
  • Kill Switch – This feature helps remove your devices from the Internet when a VPN application crashes or stops working.
  • Support All Platforms- ExpressVPN works with all devices like Android, iOS, Windows OS, Mac OS, etc.

2. Better Interface


Ipvanish interface

Ipvanish is a user-friendly VPN. It’s quick to download and easy to install. This VPN is very lightweight. It won’t slow down your system and easy to get started when you want to connect. However, IPVanish desktop users face a loading loop, and this occurs in both Windows and Mac versions. Otherwise, this is one of the favorite user interactions with a VPN app.

Express VPN:

On the other side, Expressvpn would allow you to customize many options, including kill switch, tunnel splitting, and different protocols. This VPN covers an extensive range of devices with a dedicated router app. The ExpressVPN application is compact and has mobile-friendly proportions even when used on a PC or Mac. All are perfectly arranged, and the configurations and servers each have their display.

If you like straightforward, convenient applications, then ExpressVPN is undoubtedly the one to best choose. On the surface, you will be met with a polished interface that is designed for one-click use. However, this simplicity lies in the true strength of this VPN.

3. Faster Speeds & Connections

Speed is one of the most crucial elements of a VPN that defines its efficiency and overall performance. The difference between IPVanish and ExpressVPN is the speed.


IPVanish refers to itself as the “fastest and fastest rising top-tier VPN in the world” on its website. It’s tough to argue with that. Some of the IPVanish servers are very fast, and most servers have slow or average speed.

Express VPN:

As for ExpressVPN, although it does not allow you to exceed a speed of 200 Mbps, providing relatively higher rates of 130-150 Mbps. It’s a blazing fast VPN and can boost torrenting speed. This VPN checks bandwidth, speed, and distance, so you’ll get the quickest service possible every time.

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4. More Secure and Encryption


IPVanish claims to kill switch and tunnel splitting. This VPN uses military-grade encryption (AES-256-bit), which is the top-quality encryption in the VPN industry. They do not ask users to share any confidential personal details. You just need to enter your email and password to start using IPVanish VPN. IPVanish also provides different protocols to meet different requirements.

Express VPN:

ExpressVPN is another excellent VPN provider in terms of privacy and performance. It is a secure option to use multifold protection. You can browse the net without worrying about the fact that you can be tracked. This VPN also uses AES-256-bit for encryption and is not obligated to share user data. It’s the same encryption system the U.S. has adopted.

5. Netflix & Streaming Issues


The location spoofing features of IPVanish help for access to video streaming in other regions. Deo to geo-restriction, Netflix and other streaming services are blocked for general users. Using this VPN, you can access Netflix with ease and also stream other restricted sites. However, IPVanish has found working with Netflix tirelessly.


On the other hand, Express is the most suitable VPN solution for Netflix. This VPN’s multiple servers work with Netflix impressively. Every single server has worked, providing us with amazing speeds, even when watching HD content. ExpressVPN is better in this section.

6. Better Support


IPVanish support

IPVanish has a detailed FAQ where you can find out your answer. You can also use its email ticket service. If you face any problem, you can’t deal with it on your own. That’s why it has a live chat option that is available during business hours.


Express VPN support

ExpressVPN has helpful customer service. This VPN offers a FAQ option to find out questions if you have queries and also has email support. It has live chat options in which the support team is professional and knowledgeable. Live chat is the best way to solve some sort of problem.

7. Logs and Privacy


IPVanish is a zero-log VPN service. It does not keep any history of your link, traffic, or activity. But lately, it was put into question. Now IPVanish appears to have a strict no-logs policy. There is no way to sign up for this program.


Express offers no activity logs policy. It does not see any record or store. This VPN never logs the contents of your traffic and runs private, encrypted DNS on every server. It does not log your connection timestamps and session duration.

8. Jurisdiction


IPVanish is a USA-based VPN service. It is a member of the infamous Five Eyes surveillance alliance. That is the fact that this VPN is under the authority of the United States. The US authorities forced this VPN company to hand over his log user data. Now there is no way to know the user data for US authorities. With the simple setup, you can use the VPN and reach all servers without any problems. The only negative thing with your private network is that you will have some bugs. It will make your IP address very dangerous.


The British Virgin Island is the jurisdiction of Express VPN. This jurisdiction cannot be forced to give data to the UK, because it has independent politics and legal entities. It has a long history of privacy and secrecy. By using a private network, you should forget about internet blockages. Legal issues are excluded from the private network and providing you a high level of experience.

9. Price


IPVanish provides various pricing offers. One is single users without cloud storage, and the other is for bundle users with cloud storage service. If you want a monthly plan, the price would be reduced. If you want an annual plan, then the price will jump up.

Express VPN:

Express VPN is more expensive than IPVanish. It has a large distribution of servers across the globe, meaning that one is likely to be close at hand. You have a price based on the efficiency of the server to make a decent purchase. This VPN has weekly, semester, and annual fees at the highest rates on the current market.

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10. Payments & refunds


IPVansish supports a variety of payment options but doesn’t support any type of cryptocurrency payments like Bitcoin. So you’re likely to be stuck paying for the service. It accepts various payment forms in TDC, Paypal, or bank transactions.

It has strong promises for money back up to 30 days if the network doesn’t perform as you like. You don’t have to wait long and the money to be refunded. This is the simple refund option for the VPN industry.

Express VPN:

Express VPN supports all major payment methods, like various credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and other payment systems.

ExpressVPN provides a 30-day money return policy that does not contain any hidden conditions. The return policy/money-back promise is very clear. Simply cancel and order a refund within 30 days of purchase, and you will be refunded 100% of your bill.

Ipvanish Vs ExpressVPN: Which Provider Wins?

The comparison between ipvanish vs expressvpn has been demonstrated above and the ultimate winner is Expressvpn. Ipvanish provides a powerful service that works perfectly and brilliantly. But expressvpn won’t miss out on being the best. With high speeds, an elegant interface, and strong privacy features, expressvpn is the best service on the marketplace currently.

Expressvpn products feature much more glitter, which functions somewhat intuitively and suits protection certificates. If the price is very important, then ipvanish is still a good option. This vpn also provides one monthly plan. With unlimited connections, you can use a single package to cover any unit in your home. However, ipvanish is no longer recommended since the logging scandals.

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