Ivacy vs Purevpn: Detailed Comparison of 2021

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We use the internet daily for various purposes, and we also know that it is a vulnerable and dangerous platform. Many hackers, trackers, and malicious websites are always out there waiting for internet users to make mistakes. So using the internet by containing fear of being tracked or monitored by anyone can be a huge annoyance.

Therefore, using a VPN service will be the best solution to prevent all internet privacy-related issues. You’ll find dozens of quality VPNs that provide consistent VPN functions, and Ivacy and PureVPN are the best among them. So you want to choose a quality VPN and look for a perfect comparison between Ivacy and  PureVPN, follow the context. Here we have included an informative comparison of ivacy vs purevpn.

Table of Contents:

Would you like a brief review of what you will get in this context? Check out the table of contents for a full overview of this article.

Comparison Table For Quick Choice:

Have a look at the comparison table to gain a quick summarization of both Ivacy and PureVPN. We have included the core specifications of these two quality VPN services in the table below.

VPN Provider Jurisdiction IP Leaks No. of Servers No. of Countries Speed Torrenting Support
IVACY Singapore No 3500 53 Average Yes
PureVPN Hong Kong


No 6,500+ 140 Average Limited

IVACY vs PureVPN: Main Differences

Here we are going to the major differences between ivacy vs purevpn. This comparison will help you to pick the best VPN for your online safety.

1. Main Features


Ivacy offers a quality VPN service with some powerful features to secure users online traffic and activities. It has pioneered split tunneling, DNS leak protection, a kill switch, no-logs policy and so on.

This VPN also offers 256-bit encryption, multi-protocol and smart purpose selection. Further, you can use Ivacy on 10 devices simultaneously and it is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, FireTV and more.


PureVPN is a high-quality VPN service that offers top-notch security functions. Here you will find 256-bit security encryption, which is best in the online security system. Moreover, you can also find multi-protocols, including IKEv2, L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN, and SSTP.

This VPN also offers anonymous browsing with online protection like a kill switch, DNS, and WebRTC leak protection. PureVPN also offers Dedicated IP, port forwarding, DDoS protection and P2P-enabled service. Furthermore, you can use 10 different devices with a single account of PureVPN.

2. Servers

Ivacy servers


Ivacy offers 3500 servers in 53 countries, which will allow access to both local and foreign web platforms with zero interruption. It has 129 servers in North America, 79 in South America and 303 servers in Europe. Therefore, you can easily access any geo-restricted platform and enjoy your favorite content.


PureVPN offers a huge 6500+ VPN server in 180 locations in 140 countries. It has a total 1776 servers in North America, 144 in South America, 2736 in Europe, 552 in Asia. PureVPN also has 90 servers in Africa, and 450 servers in Oceania. As you see, this VPN has servers spread all over the world. So It can be the best choice if you are looking to access the content that is blocked in your region.

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3. Ease of Use


Ivacy is an easy-to-use VPN service that offers fast and reliable VPN service. It offers a simple interface and funcablity, which ovasily a good choice for users. This VPN offers a quick-connect function that works as an automatic connection system. Moreover, Ivacy offers VPN service for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, FireTV and many operating systems.

Ivacy review


PureVPN is one of the best beginner-friendly VPN services that offer excellent VPN features. It offers many settings to unblock geographically blocked content. Moreover, here you will find an innovative interface and easy navigation system too.

Simply you have to select a server and connect with with a single click. PureVPN also offers customized apps depending on users’ needs. Furthermore, you will find individual apps of PureVPN for all major operating platforms.

4. Netflix & Torrenting Test

 Purevpn server


Ivacy VPN is capable enough to unblock many VPN libraries and let you access them without any interruption. You can also access US Netflix and watch its titles with buffering-free streaming quality. This VPN offers a maximum 177 Mbps steaming speed which is dependent on server locations.

With a total normality, Ivacy will also let you securely download torrent files. As we said, it offers strong online security and also does not keep users’ identity. Therefore, you can perform torrenting without any risk.


Not only Netflix, but you can also access almost all geo-restricted web platforms with PureVPN. With Netflix, you can also access BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Go, Facebook, YouTube, Google and so on. Because of this VPN’s large number of powerful servers all over the world, you can easily enjoy any web title from anywhere.

Moreover, you can securely perform torrenting through PureVPN. It offers optimized servers for P2P file sharing and downloading files from torrent. Further, this VPN offers blazing internet speed, which will let you experience lab-free downloading and streaming.

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5. Pricing


Ivacy offers an affordable price range with plenty of payment paying options. Here you will find a total of three plans, including 1, 6 and 12 months. You can subscribe to a 1-month plan by paying 9.95$ and also a 6.49$ monthly fee for a 6-month plan.

Or you can buy a subscription of the most popular 2 year plan with a 2.45$ monthly fee. Furthermore, Ivacy offers a 1-day free trial and also has a 30-day guaranteed money-back policy.


If you are looking for a budget-friendly quality VPN service, then PureVPN will surely impress you. It offers three plans with a 7-day free trial policy. All of its plans are included with a risk-free 31-day guaranteed money-back policy.

PureVPN has a 1 month, 1, and 2-year plan. You have to pay 10.95$ for a one-month pack and monthly 3.33$ for a 2-year plan. Furthermore, you can enjoy the most popular one-year plan with a 0.99$ monthly charge. So, now you can easily enjoy quality VPN service with reasonable price range.

6. Customer Support


If you face any issue while using Ivacy VPN, then you can get a very user-friendly customer support service. This VPN offers 24//7 live customer help service. You can take customer support through email, live chat and ticketing.


PureVPN also offers the same 24/7 customer support policy. You will have live support through video guides, FAQs, email, tickets. PureVPN has an entire professional and qualified team to provide reliable and fast custom support. Among a plenty of VPN services, PureVPN ensures the quality customer help or support system.

Winner: Which VPN Will You Choose?

Above, we have shown a perfect comparison of ivacy vs purevpn. They both offer quality VPN features and functions, which are good enough to ensure proper online security. But when it’s about more quality VPN features and servers, PureVPN will surely win the battle.

However, we are not saying that Ivacy VPN doesn’t provide a quality VPN service; it’s also good with its features. This VPN is also capable enough to bypass censorship and to access geo-restricted content. We are recommending PureVPN because of more advanced features and functions. We hope we have clarified your curiosity; If you have any questions about this article, please inform us through comments.

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