How to Install Just Proxy VPN for Pc (Windows and Mac)

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Just Proxy VPN is developed for those people who want the best possible privacy online and don’t like sneakers to peak on them. It allows its users to make themselves disappear from the public interne surface and browse while keeping their identity completely secret.

If you love your privacy and don’t want hackers to know what you are sharing with your friends, The Just Proxy VPN for PC will be the best solution for you. This article is to teach you how to install the Just Proxy VPN on your computer.

What is Just Proxy VPN?

Just Proxy VPN is a Network manipulating app for Android and iOS platforms that allows you to hide your identity online and keep your digital footprint private. This software uses a personal internet server of your choice to keep you off the track while browsing, gaming or streaming online.

Just Proxy VPN for Pc

When you have the Just Proxy VPN on your pc, it will effectively unblock any website or online service which has a Geo-restriction by your ISP or government. You can still enjoy all the games that are banned in your country using this app.

Benefits of using Just Proxy VPN for your windows

Using the Just Proxy VPN on your mobile, PC, Mac with chrome or other browsers will come with tons of benefits, such as:

  • The highly optimized security encryption of this VPN overpowers any kind of firewall in your area, school or work.
  • It keeps your data on the go with a personal internet tunnel and transfers it to the destination.
  • If you have a low internet speed or a fluctuating one, Just Proxy VPN will eliminate the fluctuation and keep it stable.

Why Choose Just Proxy VPN

The Just Proxy VPN on PC allows you to encrypt all the data and make them unreadable to anybody online with the P2P connection method. You can choose where you want to browse the internet from any server, which allows you to unblock the sites your government or ISP has banned to use.

Popular features of Just Proxy VPN

The Just Proxy VPN for PC has plenty of amusing features which are responsible for its popularity, here are some of them:

  • It has dedicated personalized high-speed servers.
  • It doesn’t keep any log-record of users.
  • It effectively replaces your public IP address to a proxy address
  • It provides high-speed gaming and streaming experience.
  • The encryption level of this VPN is military-grade.

How to Install Just Proxy VPN For PC on your Personal Computer with BlueStacks


If you want to download Just Proxy VPN on pc and install it, you need to install an Android environment on your computer and follow the process mentioned below:

Just Proxy VPN for Mac

Install Just Proxy VPN with Bluestacks

BlueStackes allows you to run any smartphone app on your computer, Just Proxy VPN is an android app, so you need to use Bluestacks to run Just Proxy VPN

  • First of all, download the BlueStacks on your computer and put it on your desktop.
  • Go to your desktop and double click on Bluestacks to install it, it will take some time, be patient.
  • Once installed, open the Bluestacks app and look for the play store in it.
  • Open play store and log in using your personal Google account in it.
  • Search for Just proxy VPN and click on the first result you get.
  • Click on install and it will automatically install the VPN, you can click on Open to open up the VPN no.

Install Just Proxy VPN using NOX app player

If you run Mac, you can still use Bluestacks, or you can go with NOX app player, it’s also a great android emulator both on Windows and Mac

  • Download the Nox app player on your Mac using Safari or any other browser.
  • Go to your download manager and install the Nox player by double-clicking on it.
  • Now download the Just Proxy VPN on your computer using the same process.
  • Launch the Nox app player from your Desktop and you are ready to go.
  • You can either drag and drop or use the app store of the Nox player to install the Just Proxy VPN on your computer.

Advantages of Just Proxy VPN

All the advanced features of Just Proxy VPN enables you to get the most amazing advantages of a VPN you could ever imagine, such as:

  • It keeps your internet speed stable and lessen the ping to give you better gaming or streaming experience.
  • A complete private internet tunnel to hide your online presence and make you invisible.
  • The data you are sharing, downloading or uploading, it will be fully encrypted to keep the crackers out.
  • You can stream or game online without any Geographic restriction with Just Proxy VPN.

Just Proxy VPN Upcoming 2021 Features

The Just Proxy VPN is coming with better features in 2021 for better user experiences because it will have:

  • More secure private servers in 2021 for better privacy
  • More stable internet connection for better gaming
  • The security protocols are now even harder to manipulate and hack.

Just Proxy VPN Faq:

What is Just Proxy VPN?

The Just Proxy VPN is created especially to hide your real IP from the public internet and replace it with a Proxy IP address.

How do I use Just Proxy VPN on my PC?

You can either use Nox or Bluestacks android emulator to run the Just proxy VPN on your computer.

Is Just Proxy VPN Unlimited?

Just Proxy VPN comes with unlimited bandwidth to use from hundreds of servers for free.

Is the Just Proxy app safe?

It’s completely safe to use Just Proxy VPN as it doesn’t keep its user’s data saved on its database.

Final thought

The Just Proxy VPN for PC is capable of keeping you safe from the government or the ISP itself to monitor you and track your location. It will allow you to make completely anonymous data transfer, download or upload without any restriction. You can stream online shows and play online without any country restriction.

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