NordVPN vs PIA: 8 Surprising Differences!

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These two VPN, NordVPN & private internet access VPN, are most accepted around right now. It will be challenging to decide nordvpn vs pia for the users. In this article, we’ll show how well these two significant VPNs perform in the context of various facts of their services.

Due to this action, you can decide fairly & accurately to evaluate the strengths & weaknesses of these two VPNs. Knowing all over the VPNs, you can select the best one against the other.  Permit us to give all the appropriate info about NordVPN & PIA VPN to determine which VPN is the best.

Table of Contents:

In this list, you’ll find all the concise overview of nordvpn vs pia.  That may encourage you to see your desired section.

Comparison Table for Quick Choice:

For a brief overview, you can see this comparison table & pick your choice quickly.

Let’s have a look-

Name NordVPN Private Internet Access
Server & countries 5444 servers in 59 countries 29336 plus servers in 77 countries
Jurisdiction Panama United States
Protocols OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSec, SSTP, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec
Manual install devices Set-top boxes, router Linux, set-top boxes, routers
Devices simultaneously connected 6 10
Split tunneling No No
Payment options Credit card, PaymentWall, Cryptocurrency, AliPay Credit Card, PayPal, cryptocurrency, Gift Cards
Customer support 24/7 live chat Email
Operating system Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS
Special offers 68% off Save 77%

NordVPN Vs Pia: 8 Key Differences

We have given some significant critical differences between NordVPN vs PIA in this segment. From this comparison article, you can select the Best VPN for Torrenting & other facilities too.

NordVPN vs Pia

1. Features


With NordVPN, all your information will stay secure with a next-generation encoded system. Now you can say goodbye to the buffering & enjoy TV time uninterruptedly. You can mask your internet traffic & connection for the highest security.

NordVPN key feature

You will get a dedicated IP address that only you can utilize. Sharing large files without any kind of hassle is easy with thousands of P2P servers. Changing your IP address twice & hide the traffic with an advanced layer of protection. It also provides the Onion Router for users’ safety.


With this VPN, you can browse secretly with a private web address. It enables powerful encryption to secure users from their ISP & public wifi network connection.

Pia feature

PIA offers the highest speed & the most reliable encoding options for the users. As a consequence, you’ll get a perfect streaming experience without any trouble, any buffering & slow loading.

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2. Speed


As a Nord VPN user, people don’t need to give up the speed connection for better security options. Nord VPN offers both speed & secure connection. It has an average speed of 115 Mbps.  Here is the reduction level for NordVPN-

  • Local speed reduction: 1-10%
  • USA – Europe speed reduction: 10-40%
  • Long – distance speed reduction: 40-80%


With private internet access (PIA), you can keep your confidential downloads secret from others. When users utilize WireGuard, It averages a connection time of two seconds. Users can also experience the fastest speed for P2P torrenting. Here is the speed reduction level for the private Internet Access-

  • Local speed reduction: 5-10%
  • USA – Europe speed reduction: 10-40%
  • Long – distance speed reduction: 40-80%

3. Number of Servers & Countries


  • Amount of servers:  5400 plus
  • Amount of locations: 60 countries
  • Most power coverage areas: Europe, North America, Oceania, Asia

NordVPN server

Most of the servers of NordVPN are found in Europe & North America. If you stay in Africa or even in the Middle East, you may find limited servers here.


  • Amount of servers: 29336 plus
  • Amount of locations: 77 countries, 99 plus regions
  • Most power coverage areas: North America, Western Europe, Oceania.

PIA Server

Private Internet Access has only one server in Africa & South America. Half of its servers are established in the USA, Canada & Australia. Though it doesn’t have any virtual servers, all servers are situated just where they claim to be.

4. Connections

Setting up Nord VPN connection on your devices:

nordvpn connection

Step 1: Download & run the Nord VPN application on your windows other devices.

Step 2: Log in

Step 3: Utilize the previous login credentials which you use to sign up.

Step 4: Connect

Step 5: Tap on the quick connect button that will routinely pick up the best server for the users.


Installation processes of the Private Internet Access (PIA):

Step 1: Find the Private Internet Access VPN, download & run this on your windows.

Step 2: Click the big connect button that will take you to the nearest server located to you.

Step 3: Click disconnect & the status bar again will notify you when your device is connected. It will show your original as well as a new IP address.

5. Jurisdiction


Nord VPN is based along with operating down the jurisdiction of Panama. There is no obligatory data preservation law in Panama. As a result, they don’t need to reserve logs. It is perfect for a VPN user that their information will be secure & safe.


Private internet access is based & operates through the United States’ legal jurisdiction. Despite not having incredible speeds & user support, it still offers a better service at a reasonable price. They also don’t log any types of data.

6. Netflix & Streaming


Streaming is a question of pride for NordVPN. All the credit goes to the SmartPlay DNS that offers firm access to the streaming sites.  Nord VPN endorses Netflix in the USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Japan, & France.

It also allows BBC iPlayer, HULU TV, Amazon Prime Video (USA, UK, France). Other streaming sites such as HBO GO, Youtube, ABC can watch with this VPN also.


You can obtain accessibility to tons of the latest content on various platforms. This PIA VPN supports Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Go, & many more.

Private internet access VPN didn’t support BBC iPlayer, ABC.  It supports Netflix only occasionally in the USA, UK & Canada. Sporadically permits HULU in some regions.

7. Security & Logging Policies


They keep no logs of the internet activity of customers, such as no IP address, browsing data together with traffic information. NordVPN uses L2Tp, PPTP as well as IKEv2 protocols. This VPN utilizes Obfsproxy based software.

It has the AES 256 OpenVPN data encoding options along with customizable Kill Switch. Its DNS status is Private always & has RSA- 4096 control channel encryption.


Private internet access always supports L2TP & PPTP protocols. It also has AES- 128, AES- 256 OpenVPN data encoding options with RSA- 4096 OpenVPN control channel encryption.

This VPN has the Kill Switch option only for desktop; you can’t have this option on any other device. Though its mobile app has a kill Switch option, customizing is not allowed for the users.

8. Prices, Payments & Refunds


They are providing a gift of 68% off on the 2 – year plan, for this you need to pay 3.71/month. If you choose a one year plan you have to pay 4.92/month to save 58%. Selecting the one-month trial option the cost will be 11.95/ month.

They also have 30 days money-back guarantee options. Users can pay with a credit card, cryptocurrency, PayPal, AmazonPay, Sofort & prepaid card.


They also have a two-year subscription plan with 77% savings plus two months free. You just have to pay 2.69/month for using this plan. They have a one year plan with a 3.33/ month service.

For the monthly package, you have to pay 11.95/months; with that, you can use all VPN features. They do their payment system via credit card or PayPal. They have the policy of a full refund system within 30 days of buying.

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NordVPN Vs PIA: Which Provider Is Better?

Both the NordVPN & Private Internet Access are superb & exemplary services. PIA provides a zero-logging service with high speed, which will be a cost-effective VPN for all. NordVPN is more comfortable to stream geo-blocked websites that unblock a massive range of platforms.

Nord VPN users can stream live HD content from any location worldwide without any issue.  Through live chat, you will get help within a moment. You will figure out some guiding videos on their official sites that provide much info to solve your problems.


Using NordVPN will help you when you are not satisfied with other VPNs. You will get lots of features to use & a little extra speed. It is remarkable when you get huge, just for some extra bucks you paid. With astonishing streaming capabilities in addition to effective encryption, NordVPN wins this match.

Both the VPN supports credit cards & Amazon pay. Nord VPN supports ACH transfers coupled with UnionPay Options, but PIA doesn’t have those systems for payments.

Both the apps have a money-back guarantee for the users. You can use both NordVPN & PIA for one month trial. If you feel not satisfied with any of them, then contact the support team for refunding.

Wrapping Up

Consequently, based on our specific in-depth detail of nordvpn vs pia, NordVPN wins the battle. Though PIA is a very strong contender, NordVPN handles it splendidly. NordVPN manages to nail it in some areas like streaming, jurisdiction, together with logging policy & many more.

Nevertheless, Private Internet Access is still a trustworthy & reliable VPN. The central fact is its headquarters is in the US & lacks some of the critical areas. That makes NordVPN the champion in this head-to-head comparison.

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