Trick To Unblock And Watch US TV In Lebanon [Watch Sling Outside The US]

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Now it’s the golden era of American TV, where almost all US TV networks are producing the best TV programs. Because of providing high-quality content, the growing global audience for US TV networks is really noticeable. But the problem is, all US TV networks are only available for the US due to licensing issues.

Therefore, if you’re also a fan of US TV networks and want to stream them, you’ve to use a VPN. To watch US TV channels, you must need to use a premium VPN like CyberGhost. Here we are going to show you Trick to Unblock and Watch US TV in Lebanon, continue reading.  

How To Unblock And Watch Us Tv In Lebanon

To enjoy the best category media content, you must need to stream US TV networks. However, all US TV networks and streaming platforms are geographically blocked for global streaming. So you have to use a quality VPN like CyberGhost VPN. We are now going to show you the Trick to Unblock and Watch US TV in Lebanon.

Trick to Unblock and Watch US TV in Lebanon

Step 1: First, go to the official website of CyberGhost VPN.

official website of CyberGhost

Step 2: Download it now according to your device.

Step 3: Now install CyberGhost through the downloaded .exe file.

install CyberGhost

Step 4: After that, login here with your credentials information. Or you can create a new one by clicking on “Sign up now.”

clicking on “Sign up now

Step 5: Once you successfully login to CyberGhost, then select a US server from the server list and connect with the selected server.

select a US server

Step 6: Now, you can start streaming US TV by visiting your favorite web streaming platform.

start streaming US TV

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What Is The Best VPN For Unblocking US TV in Lebanon

You have to use a quality VPN to stream US TV from anywhere, including Lebanon. Here we have included the top 5 VPN that will help you to watch US TV live from Lebanon without any restrictions.

1. ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN should be one of the safe choices to unblock any geographically blocked content in your region. It has a good number of US servers in different US cities, which makes it a suitable one for unblocking blocked web platforms.

express vpn review

Along with unblocking US TV, you can also unblock US Netflix, Disney+, HBO Go, and so on. You can enjoy any live streaming with ExpressVPN without facing any lag and buffering issues. Because it offers unlimited bandwidth and blazing internet speed. Moreover, it has a large number all over the world.

Here you will find more than 3000+ servers in 94 countries which are spread over 160 locations. Therefore, along with US-related content, you can enjoy almost all types of content from anywhere in this world. So ExpressVPN can be a perfect choice for US TV live streaming outside of the US.

ExpressVPN Features:

  • An automatic kill switch.
  • Protection against DNS, IPv6, and Web RTC.
  • Zero logs policy.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Anonymous torrenting.

You can enjoy ExpressVPN risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, you can also enjoy a 49% discount with 3 months extra by using this coupon code.

2. CyberGhost Review

CyberGhost is a lightning-fast VPN service that also provides consistently quality VPN service. It can be a perfect choice for streaming US TV because of its top speed and consistency. CyberGhost VPN offers 6700 servers in 89 countries with 1129 servers in 11 US cities.

CyberGhost Review

This large number of servers is good enough to unblock US TV and enjoy quality media content without any interpretation. Along with US TV networks, you can also access Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Disney+, and so on. Moreover, CyberGhost VPN also has some optimized servers for torrenting and streaming too.

CyberGhost VPN is packed with strong online security systems to ensure users’ online web platforms. It has 256-bit AES encryption which is the highest level of an online security system. It also has an automatic kill switch and also has DNS and IPv6 leak protection system too.

CyberGhost Features:

  • Strict no-logs policy.
  • Decided app for all major platforms.
  • Connect 7 devices with a single account.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and blazing speed.
  • 24/7 live customer support.

CyberGhost VPN offers a reasonable price range for users. But you can enjoy an 83% discount on a 3-year plan with 3 months extra by using this coupon code.

3. NordVPN Review

NordVPN is an excellent multi-purpose VPN that helps to bypass US TV geo-blocks consistently. It can be an ideal choice for streaming US TV from Lebanon and any corner of this world. NordVPN has almost 5446 servers in 59 countries, including 1970 servers in 15 US cities.

NordVPN Review

Indeed, this VPN can also let you access Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Amazon Prime Video, and so on. Moreover, you can enjoy all your favorite content on 6 devices. Because NordVPN allows users to use this VPN on up to 6  devices with a single account.

NordVPN offers apps for all major platforms and also offers easy-to-use browser extensions too. This VPN also comes with a strong 256-bit AES encryption function to ensure their user’s super online security. It is clear that NordVPN also is a good choice for streaming US TV in Lebanon and anywhere.

NordVPN Features:

  • DNS and IPv6 leak protection.
  • An automatic kill switch.
  • Double security features.
  • Built-in ads and malware blocker.
  • 24/7 live support system.

Currently, you can enjoy 50% to 68% discount while purchasing a NordVPN plan. All you have to do is simply use this coupon code and also get a 30-day guaranteed money-back policy.

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Can I use a Free VPN to stream US TV in Lebanon?

In a short answer – no. You can not use a free VPN to stream US TV outside of the US. Because free VPNs do not offer proper online security features. You may don’t know most free VPNs do not even use encryption functions.

VPN to stream US TV in Lebanon?

So it can be pretty risky to use any free VPN to stream US TV outside of the US, including Lebanon. Most free VPNs also store users’ logs and online activity. So using free VPNs will be like leaking your own online privacy. Therefore, start using a quality VPN, and now most of the primetime VPNs are perfectly affordable. So instead of using a free VPN to watch US TV in Lebanon, switch to a premium quality VPN.


Now you know the most straightforward way Trick to Unblock and Watch US TV in Lebanon and anywhere. Since US Networks are blocked or restricted to watch outside of the US; therefore you need to use a quality VPN. A VPN will give you a remote US IP to access US TV networks and let you enjoy its content.

Remember, never use any free VPN because none of them offer useful online security features. Therefore, using a quality VPN like CyberGhost is a must. We hope you get the answers to your questions, and thanks for reading till the end. We will conclude this post here; if you have any queries, let us know through comments.

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