5 Ways To Unblock YouTube Videos From Any Country, School Or Work

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YouTube became an essential fragment of our daily life. Modern people can’t think of a single day without youtube. The most popular sharing video platform YouTube started its journey worldwide in 2005.

Sometimes you can’t watch your favorite video on youtube because of a forbidden issue. Your country, School, Working Place may create an obstacle for some reasonable cause.

You can Unblock Youtube Videos From Any Country and be able to access them from anywhere. Utilize the easiest method when there are lots of procedures on Unblock YouTube Videos.

Use a VPN to reroute your request on YouTube. This is the simplest way. This passage will cover the way of Five reliable mechanisms for Unblocking Youtube Videos.

Why Is Youtube Blocked?

YouTube is totally free to use, and they have no boundaries or coverage restrictions. The obstacles which you may face have been created by the uploader, your government, or organization. Sometimes it is on a single video or sometimes on the entire website. The main reason for blocking YouTube Videos are

Unblock Youtube Videos From Any Country

License of Geo-Censorship

Sometimes, the video’s uploader or the channel owner doesn’t have the license to share the video entirely. Because of that, he makes the video limited for some specific locations. When you saw the message “The Video is not available in your countries,” it’s because of the video’s Geo-Censorships policy.

Copyright Restrictions

A Youtube video may violate copyright law. To reduce copyright, sometimes videos don’t play on a certain device or operating system.You can watch through other ways. Many documentary videos fall under Copyright Restrictions.

Restriction By Local Laws

Sometimes YouTube has been banned in a country by the local government. Like  China, Sudan, Tajikistan. In Sudan, YouTube has been permanently blocked due to exploring Anti-Islamic content. Besides, In Thailand, the video which criticizes the Thai Monarch is blocked in the whole country.

For Boost Up Productivity

Like an office, school, library, laboratory, sometimes authority blocked YouTubes. They block access on YouTube to distract students and employees from wasting time. Accessing YouTube randomly can hamper productivity.

5 Proven Ways To Unblock Youtube Videos From Any Country, School, Or Work

Unblocking YouTube Videos From Any Countries is not a big deal anymore. The restriction which emerges by blocking YouTube on School or Work is simple to unblock with many proven ways. Here we enlist the most effective ways on this issue to help you.

Unblock Youtube Videos From Any Country

1. Unblock YouTube Videos With a VPN

A VPN can break all the obstacles of watching blocked videos. VPN helps to reroute your request by their own servers.

If you lived in Bangladesh and want to watch videos that are only visible in the USA, you can. Through a VPN, you can alter your IP and can select American servers. These servers allow you to watch your desired videos.

Use a premium VPN to unblock Youtube Videos like CyberGhost, ExpressVPN, and NordVPN. Those VPN can Unblock any videos and can give you the ability to access YouTube frequently.

Only a Premium VPN has the capacity and 100% success rate to make an anonymous identity. You can buy that VPN from their official website. This is the most trusted source to buy.

2. Use a Proxy to Unblock YouTube

A proxy server can give you access to block videos or channels. The Proxy server will hide your IP and bypass you. But it will not encrypt your data. So there will remain a risk for you to read your data by third parties.

Proxy to Unblock YouTube

If you are conscious about your safety, you should avoid this method. Use VPN to Unblock YouTube Videos because VPN will encrypt your data and hide your IP and ensure your data safety.

3. Download YouTube Videos

There are numerous sources convenient to download YouTube videos. Once you download the video on your device, you can watch it whenever you want anywhere. Instead of going on restricted videos, you can go on websites that provide a free YouTube video download service.

4. Smartdns Is Will Spoof Your Location

SmartDNS is a mechanism based on the name of your Domain Server. This technology has the capability to break geo-restriction by spoofing your location. If you would like to go on a specified location, SmartDNS is for you.  It only unblocks what you need from it.This system cant protect your data, privacy and not even makes you anonymous.

5. Use Google Translate to Unblock Youtube.

If VPN is not an option for watching Block Videos, there is still a way. Operate google translate to watch youtube. Google translate is never blocked by your office or school because it’s most helpful.

All you need to search for your desired videos in different languages. Like Japanese, German, France. You may not know all the languages simultaneously. Operate google translate to catch your desired videos.

How To Unblock Youtube Videos With Vpn’S

Among all the methods utilizing a premium VPN while wanting to unblock YouTube Videos is the secure method. Not all the methods give you security and ensure your safety as a VPN. Use those steps to unblock YouTube Videos.

Step 1: Go on a Premium VPNs official website (We recommend ExpressVPN). Choose a plan to purchase and register.

Step 2: Open ExpressVPN and Sign in with an account that you created while register.

ExpressVPN and Sign in

Step 3 : Select a server from the server list of your choice and connect.

Select a server from the server list


Step 4: View all your favorite videos on YouTube

Can I Use A Free VPN To Unblock Youtube?

Yes, you can. But we don’t recommend a Free VPN. Free VPN is not safe for you. Because most free VPNs have no strong privacy policy and terms and conditions, many free VPNs may leak your data to some advertisement companies.

Free Vpn To Unblock Youtube

Free VPN has limited server and bandwidth. Sometimes you need to wait for its interrupted connection speed. The connection speed provided by a free VPN may buffer your streaming.

Avoid using a Free VPN concerning your safety. Use a premium VPN from our recommendation. They offer you an unpaid trial for a certain period and a money-back policy, or even both.

Why Does My School Block Youtube?

Most of the schools block YouTube for concerns about students. 82% of the teenagers have smartphones, and they carry them into school. They watch inappropriate content whenever they want. It may distract them from concentrating on their study. As a result, school authorities block the YouTube site.

The school computers should be used for classwork, not for entertainment purposes. But sometimes YouTube provides study-related content also.

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Best VPN Services To Unblock Youtube

To give the best VPN services to unblock YouTube videos, a VPN should fulfill some criteria. Without those criteria, you can’t get better services. You need a VPN that gives you uninterrupted speed, security credentials and obviously has to be a good reputation.

best vpn for youtube

1. ExpressVPN Review – The Top-Tier VPN service

ExpressVPN is the perfect fit for Unblock YouTube. It has the capability of accessing global content.

ExpressVPN has over 3000 servers, 160 locations. They serve servers from 94 territories across the globe.  All the servers of ExpressVPN are P2P friendly. ExpressVPN has a simple operable interface. They block all malicious content, and there are no ads on the interface. It has all the native versions and also has a browser extension.

express vpn review

In ExpressVPN, they follow no logs policy strictly. DNS & IP leak protection, Speed test meter, Kills switching mode are the attractive features in ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN has private DNS for every server. They are best in class Encryption. ExpressVPN uses 256-bit-keys Encryption to guard your data.

While purchasing ExpressVPN, use a coupon code to get a 35% discount and money-back offer for 30 days.

2. CyberGhost Review –  The All in One VPN service

CyberGhost is a VPN that has all the services you need. It has an ultra-fast connection and the most solid and devoted services.

CyberGhost has worldwide vpn coverage with the highest number of servers. CyberGhost serves 6846 servers from 89 countries. They use 111 different locations from all over the continent.

CyberGhost Review

CyberGhost has a 256-bit-keys military guard encryption policy, wifi protection, Kills switching mode, no data logs. The security system to save your data is world-class.

CyberGhost offers unlimited bandwidth and no data limits. They have the capability of breaking the geo-restriction policy of any site. CyberGhost has DNS & IP leak protection to save your data from leaking.

Use coupon code and save 83% and get a 45-day money-back offer when buying.

3. NordVPN Review – Advanced Security and Privacy

If you choose NordVPN for Unblock YouTube videos, it will secure your connection and give you uninterrupted streaming.

NordVPN has an obfuscated server to hide your internet traffic with maximum security. They have servers from 59 countries. And the number of their servers is 5522. And most of the maximum servers are from the UK and USA.

NordVPN Review

Along with the P2P servers facility, NordVPN supports multiple devices. You can access six different devices under one account. This VPN supports connecting with a router.

In NordVPN, you will get double IP masking, Onion over VPN, and a No logs policy. They ensure a dedicated IP for every new connection. This VPN can be used in browser extensions and all native versions and is safe to use.

If you fixed your mind for NordVPN, use the coupon code and get a 68% discount and a money-back offer for 30 days.

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Final Thought

Like many obstacles to watch all videos on YouTube, there are also many possible ways for Unblock. You have to choose the way wisely. Remember, safety is the first concerning issue!

Unblock YouTube Videos From Any Country using a Premium VPN is the safest way. We have seen that. Use VPN from our recommendation and get unlimited access from anywhere you want.

If you have any opinion about this passage and face any trouble applying any method, comment below. We have experts on that issue. We will try to fix your problem and give you further instructions.

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