What Is Kill Switch And What VPN Services Support It?

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A VPN Kill Switch is very essential if you are using a VPN to protect your data. This is a core feature of any VPN service. This feature ensures that your actual IP address and location can never be revealed online. So, you have to know about What is Kill Switch and what VPN services support it.

If there is a blink in your VPN connection and it disconnects. This kill switch will immediately disconnect your internet connection by constantly tracking your connection to the servers. It makes your connection more secure by stopping your personal data from being unintentionally leaked. The kill switch blocks the internet access, it will stay blocked until the VPN connection is back.

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What Is a Kill Switch?

Kill Switch is a mechanism that prevents unprotected data from escaping into the VPN tunnel. It performs when the connection to the VPN server is disrupted and the transmission of all data is blocked, including web traffic, operating systems and app data, DNS packets, and all other records.

What Is a Kill Switch

Sometimes the VPN kill switch functionality is enabled by default, but you can disable it if you want. If you turn it off, you can still access the internet as usual, even if your VPN is not connected. Once you turn it on, you won’t be able to send any data through your internet if your VPN is disconnected.

How Does It Work?

VPN kill switch works by constantly monitoring your connectivity, finding issues, blocking your access to the internet, and restoring your connection. Here we have discussed a detailed breakdown of how VPN switches work.

how does Kill Switch work

Monitoring: A VPN kill switch constantly tracks your internet access to a VPN server by scanning to change your IP address or status.

Detecting: Kill switch instantly detects any problem or any change that could help to work your VPN properly.

Blocking: Depending on the kind of VPN you are using, the VPN kill switch will either stop those applications or the entire computer from accessing the internet.

Restoring: As soon as possible VPN kill switch resolved the issues and restored your internet connection without doing anything to you.

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3 Important Reasons To Use Kill Switch

It is very important to know why you have the VPN kill switch protection on your device. Here we present three important reasons to use the kill switch.

Reasons To Use Kill Switch

You Don’t Know When Your Device Is Transmitting Unsecured Information

If your VPN connection stops instantly, your device will automatically start transmitting data over the unsecured channel. The challenge is that this transition is so smooth that you normally don’t notice it happened.

In reality, technology has become so advanced that a lot of information can be exchanged in just a fraction of a second. You would definitely not know that the data was gathered until it’s too late.

Public Internet Connection Is Easily Hacked

You don’t realize who’s observing the traffic when you’re in a public location like an airport or a convenience store. It could be a guy next to you or could be a man working in the shop. Sometimes the internet service provider sets up their internet access with low maintenance and security. That’s why you need to use a kill switch to secure yourself using a public connection.

Requires Zero Maintenance

Kill Switch is working in the background so you don’t have to think about it.  Everything you need to do is turn it on when you set up your VPN, and it actively supports you while it’s operating. No configurations are needed, and there are no complex settings to handle.

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What VPN Services Support It?

It is hard to figure out whether a VPN service provider has a Kill Switch option without actually using the VPN first. Sometimes VPN providers often list this information in their features or in their FAQ section. Here we have mentioned the top five VPN that offer the kill switch feature.

What is Kill Switch and what VPN services support it

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has a VPN kill switch called the Network Lock. This is a server-level kill switch that stops all network traffic from going past the encrypted connection tunnel. The service is defined by the strongest range of features, speed, and private security. This way, you can protect your traffic even though the ExpressVPN app stops running abruptly.


2. NordVPN

The NordVPN kill switch constantly tracks your internet access to the VPN server. If the connection abruptly stops, the kill switch will block the device from accessing the browser. NordVPN encrypts and records your internet traffic through a VPN tunnel and masks your IP address. But Kill Switch is the last line of your firewall to shield your private data from intentional release.

NordVPN review

3. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost features an automatic kill switch that protects from leaks if your VPN connection crashes. Without it, your IP address and activities will be revealed. Your internet would be immediately halted before a VPN connection is restored with it. CyberGhost Kill Switch is instantly unlocked to secure you as soon as you connect.

CyberGhost review

4. Surfshark

The Surfshark provides an excellent kill switch to block traffic if the connection drops. This means that your location and IP address remain secure even though a VPN connection fails. The kill switch functionality is compatible with Surfshark’s Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS applications.

Surfshark review

5. PureVPN

PureVPN provides an easy-to-use kill switch for Windows and Mac users. It has advanced user features like kill switches, but also has a user-friendly interface. You will get access to all the features when you grab a PureVPN subscription.

PureVPN Reviews

If you have a PureVPN subscription, you will access all the advanced functionality. As far as security is concerned, PureVPN uses solid AES 256-bit encryption and can be enabled on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are several commonly asked questions and answers about the VPN kill switch. We hope you find out your question here.

How Many Vpn Networks Offer Kill Switches?

Good VPN providers will have a kill switch. Now, most of the popular VPN offer kill switches with them like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Cyberghost VPN, TorGuard, HideMyAss, etc.

Are You Subscribed to Vpn Service Without a Kill Switch?

No, the Kill switch is a very important functionality of a VPN. Because it helps to turn off the internet connection if it detects any failures of a VPN.

Are the Kill Switches Usually Active Automatically?

In general, most VPNs automatically activate the kill switch. If you don’t have one, then activate the kill switch from the setting option.

What Vpn Services Don’t Support Kill Switch?

Although most of the VPN offers Kill Switch features, some rarely VPN don’t provide kill switch functionality. Such as Hola VPN, AirVPN, ZoogVPN, AzureVPN, VPNTunnel, EarthVPN, RA4W VPN.

Is There an Alternative to Kill Switch?

There is actually no alternative to Kill Switch. It’s the best way to protect the data from accidental crashes.


Kill Switch is a vital function that can increase your privacy online. Though not all VPN comes with a kill switch, you have to choose the kill switch feature VPN.  It adds an extra layer of security and offers a safe internet in case your VPN stops operating.

If you are a regular VPN user, it is really needed to discover what is Kill Switch and what VPN services support it. In this article, we listed the five best VPNs with the kill switch. Each of them has positive feedback and a kill switch option built-in to their applications. We hope this article will help you pick the right VPN with a kill switch to help you remain safe.

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